Yes – Open Your Eyes (Vinyl Re-issue)



Open Your Eyes (180g Heavy-Weight Vinyl)

Sireena Records

Nothing makes me smile more than going to the post office and getting a package for review with a classic vinyl LP inside.  Upon opening my package I find the vinyl re-issue of Yes’s 1997 release “Open Your Eyes”.  When this disc originally released it was met with mixed reviews.  It seemed as though fans either hated it or loved it.  I for one am not a hater as I think this is possibly one of their best post “Union” releases.  Commercially this album was considered a flop but in retrospect I think it is one of Yes’s most upbeat and pop oriented albums since 90125.  Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE classic Yes but I also find their newer material to be just as enjoyable and “Open Your Eyes” is no exception.

After the release of consecutive CDs “Keys to Ascension” pts 1 & 2 Yes bassist Chris Squire and backup keyboard player and guitarist Billy Sherwood began collaborating on a project entitled The Chris Squire Experiment (Conspiracy).  Upon hearing some of the Conspiracy material Jon Anderson (vocalist) showed interest in singing with them.  Eventually Squire, Sherwood, Anderson, Alan White (drums) and Steve Howe (guitarist) began transforming some of the songs “Open Your Eyes” and “Man In the Moon” into Yes songs.  By the time the band was finished they had a full fledged Yes album in their hands.  To say that this is a traditional Yes recording would be a flat out lie.  “Open Your Eyes” reminds more of “commercially successful” Yes that transpired in the mid eighties.  Personally I don’t think there is a single song on this recording that I do not like.  However I do have some personal favorites which include the title track “Open Your Eyes”, “Fortune Seller” “Love Shine” and the album closer “The Solution”.

Overall, Yes “Open Your Eyes” is a fantastic vinyl re-issue of an album that never really got the attention that it deserved.  Other highlights include the 180g heavy weight vinyl the record is pressed on.  It also comes as a two LP collection with a beautiful glossy Roger Dean gatefold cover.  As a fan of Yes and an avid LP collector I would highly recommend you get your hands on this gem.  To pre-order or purchase this at a moderately priced $23.99 go to this link


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