World War Z (9/10) Movie CLIP – Zombie Camouflage (2013) HD


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  2. isnt it ironic that since 1992 they started to make movies about contagious deseases, virus and all. was that planned?

  3. Incredible book, horrible movie. Of note, in the book, the Solanum virus was a bio-weapon that escaped from….wait for it….China.

  4. Exactly how does this virus control its dead(they're specifically mentioned as dead not those technically alive 28 days later types)?And how can the virus know for certain that a person that just ingested something is infected?What senses is it using?And more importantly how bad of a disease do you need to have to be exempted and why?Since the virus kills its host before taking over why would it care to begin with if you have cancer?And if the zombies only look for healthy hosts does that mean they're guided by some other senses except sight?How do they avoid hitting something inanimate?The 'science' behind this seems more like fantasy.


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