UNITED WERE EMBARRASSING! Manchester United 1-3 Manchester City Fan Cam


Manchester United 1-3 Manchester City and Aaron says that it was men against Boys and the team was embarrassing! Agree? Get the latest Man Utd News on …



  1. Jones was an absolute clown, lindlehof so very poor. Neither good enough for our reserves! AWB has been great all season But they are trying to change elements of his game and making him less effective. Need to give Gomes a 10 match run. He is so creative! Far better than Matic, Lingard, Pereira, Chong.

  2. City took thier foot off the gas nd even allowed us to grab a goal, just so that the nxt leg can get a crowed. Part of this game was political and bussiness orientated.

  3. The players we have man to man is better than 1/3 of the league, but poor coaching will give that result, if we cant see that ole is clueless then we are delusional.

  4. Players looking like they don't want the ball doesn't come down to coaching. 🤦‍♂️ comes down to character and leadership something your team lacks immensely.

  5. Our coaching staff is why we lose when we concede a goal that’s it we can’t park the bus we have to fight to get the goal back which opens our defence up and we get shredded more only way we win is if we score first then park the bus if we concede we can’t wait for counter attacks we have to press but we have no plan for that so players look terrified not knowing what to do

  6. look on the bright side lads.IF WE BEAT Norwich on sat then we only need 3 more wins to stay in prem so there is a light at the end of the tunnel

  7. We could have gotten Brenden Rodgers but because he is British…. People forgetting what he did and how Liverpool played under him

  8. Ole out hes better being a dobby lookalike.
    As for the match poor tactics and weak team and squad aside the players themselves need to take a look at themselves. So many passes that just about reach the player they were looking for. No passion, no aggression Nothing!
    The manager and half this squad need to go but the players who are LUCKY enough to play for man United need to up their game big time. A players effort should never be dependent on everyone else. Every man should have their own standards.
    I'll leave it at that

  9. Fred natural position is cam , got rashford martial who performs , man utd needs good transfers especially in midfield
    God help

  10. City here – come on Utd get back seeing my red friends sad has gone too far, it is beyond a joke now. Obviously come back should be February onwards!!

  11. I remember the "Ashley Young get out of my club" comments. Fans slating him off badly quite recently. Now they pissed cos he wants to leave lol fickle lot you are.


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