Ultimate USB Power Bank Comparison 2019


We compare 12 different power banks and break them down into three categories (small capacity around 5000 mAh, medium capacity – 10,000 mAh, and large capacity around 26,000 mAh).

Our top recommended power bank from each capacity category is below:

5000mAh: Poweradd Slim2: ➡
10,000mAh: Getihu 10000 ➡
26,800mAh: RAVPOWER 26800 PD USB ➡

We’ve also done three separate videos comparing the different capacity power banks. See these videos for more in-depth analysis of each power bank:


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  1. This is so cool! I'm looking for a power bank to charge my Switch and my wife's Switch Lite on an upcoming road trip, and I've been eyeing the RavPower 26800 PD. Just saw your review on it and came here for the comparison. Great stuff!

  2. As a person who use these rather often I will say that if you really depend on these for use then you should go with Anker. Your hang up on USB-C is a thing and I understand it but you can get a USB to USB-C cable.

  3. Have only bought Ankers and the: ‘if it ain’t broke’ rule applies here, great quality and always reliable.

  4. Great video! We have a 4-in-1 power bank – 10000mAh power bank, wireless iron, flashlight, humidifier. Are you interested in testing it?

  5. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best portable charger scafe.shop/tbpc2019?JE hope it helps you out too!"

  6. Did you review the zendures??? they look like a good product.

    I would like to know if they match the battery claims etc..

  7. I have an iPhone 8 and a 6th gen iPad plus other gadgets around the house.
    I am thinking of the ravpower 26800 do I need anything else?

  8. I have a io magic 20 Ah battery and it has 2 QC3 ports, one micro in, one type c 18W PD in or out. Love it

  9. Powerbank always come in different size, shape and battery compacity. However people want compact and there are magnetic powerbank such as fingerpow (which i own) and indiegogo lightr. I prefer something small, compact and easy to carry on the go charging my phone while im walking or on the phone call

  10. The poweradd 5000 mah died on me after 3 charges, the ANKER 6700 mah is great quality and has lasted me a year so far, the ANKER in the 10k cat is also good, lasted me 2 years before I sold it to a friend, the imuto I plugged in all night when I got it and it charged 3% and I charged it all day on a different charger and it went up 4%, and both of the 20k mah ANKER products have lasted me for a long time and still work for me, I'm a big battery guy and have a bunch of stuff to charge and I need to charge them(traveling camping, school, ECT.) I also have an ANKER 26800 that's 65$ and it uses 2 micro USB ports and can charge up to 20 watts and have 3 USB A out ports, to be that's the best deal if u don't mind charging it with micro USB, if you need type c go cheap go with the ANKER 20100 in the video(tall skinny one)

  11. Where is mi pewerbank? Bcoz no affiliate purchase link issit? No reason no to include any mi, its one of the best in 20000mah (48w pd charging cheap) as well as 10000mah (with one of the highest efficiency).


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