Top 10 Mature Anime Series


Blood? Check. Nudity? Why not? Intense and frightening scenes? Bring it on! In fact, lets get that mature content warning out of the way because this list is going …


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  1. Death Note – "we left it off this list because it lacks blood and gore."
    Yeah, until the last three episodes.
    I am surprised Hellsing Ultimate isn't on top. It is mature as heck, and I compare other "mature" series to Ultimate without finding an equal for the blood, gore, and action.
    Actually, never mind. I don't ever want to see Elfen Lied. Violence, gore, I can handle. But NOT over-the-top and completely unnecessary nudity.

  2. Elfen Lied. "Lied" is pronounced like "leed" or "leet". German for "song" "Elf Song" or even "Fairy Song". But the point is, its a German title and not pronounced like the English word for a past-tense untruth, lied. "he lied about where he was"


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