THE TWO POPES Official Trailer (2019) Anthony Hopkins, Netflix Movie HD


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  1. The most important of the movie is they look like exactly the real characters, so when I saw both of them, I said wow it seems an important franchise.

  2. I think Pryce will upset J. Phoenix at the Oscars when more and more people will watch his performance. One of the most deserved nominations ever (I'm so glad he managed to kick pretentious and caricatural Egerton as Elton John out of the line up). The walk, the accent both in his English (spoken by an Argetinian) and Spanish language, the vulnerability, the subtle humour… Unbelievable real. And the modesty which this role requires could only be displayed by such a great actor for years overshadowed in the star system by more narcissistic and ruthless peers. Hopkins was impressive, but completely unable to capture the shy and sweet personality of the real Joseph Ratzinger. He was probably miscast, so his deserved Oscar nomination is his triumph.

  3. carino, l'ho visto ieri il proseguo di qualche anno più tardi su Narciso e Bocca d'oro con Hannibal the cannibal

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