The ONLY Wave Control Guide You'll EVER Need – League Of Legends


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  2. I just don't understand why he needed to make this video so soundly complicated and complicated for 99% of these viewers. What kind of low elo person would understand the fucking 5:54 graph and the terms he used for this whole video. It's as if I need to read a 2500 page book of League of Legends basics for 5 year to fully understand the game and no one would want to do that. Considering how fast he's rushing through these wave management tips it's hard to understand it for a low elo person and how we need to pay money for more tips. My brain isn't that big or I'm just fucking dumb and retarded.

  3. !!! The only thing you need to think about when managing minions is when and where the NEXT wave is going to meet. !!!
    a) If you want the wave to stay where it is, maintain the same amount of your and enemies minion so they either: die at the same time or don't die by the time the next wave hits.
    b) The second tactic is the fast push. The idea is to make your minions hit the enemy tower. In other words, you need to kill the enemy minions fast enough to where your minions die to the turret either to deny farm to an enemy you just killed or has just recalled, or to make it hard for champions who can't farm under the turret to get those minions.
    b-1) You can do this with just one wave if you want the minions to reset at middle after your wave dies to the turret
    b-2) You can do this with two waves (or maybe three) if you can maintain a lot of pressure on the tower. In this scenario you next wave will come under the turret as well and their wave won't even get to be in the lane.
    c) If you're winning your lane, setting up a roam, setting up a dragon or a Herald… you can start a slow push. The idea is for enemy minions to die before yours but just as soon a the next wave comes to you. This way, you're making your wave bigger then you opponents and over two, three and even four waves you can put a lot of pressure on them and get huge priority. I use this the most in the bot lane and the top lane as I play passive, late-game, mid-laners with whom I freeze the wave on my side and wait for ganks.

  4. Hi guys i am main Amumu player here if u want to check some plays and hints u can check it on my channel

  5. Did anyone else see that velkoz q literally go straight through jhin? 2:29 – 2:30 what the fuck riot…. slow that shit down to .25 speed and tell me it didn't literally go STRAIGHT through him

  6. By no means this is the only guide about wave control you need to climb, this only covers the really basic stuff for newer players. There are actually more ways to manipulate the wave like hitting the enemy to take minion agros a bit etc.

  7. 1:45 when your teacher tries to put memes on the homework to try and fit in, but they're completely out of place.
    The omegalul would replace the "O" in cannon not the "A" WeirdChamp

  8. They should've allow you to block your own minions too. Like in dota you can slow them down by standing in their way for even more minion control

  9. And the reality is like:
    Opp perma pushes into my tower and my jungler never comes.
    My jungler comes when I hardpush into the tower


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