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  1. To the tune of "Lunatic Fringe", by Red Rider

    Socialist Fringe,
    America knows you're out there.
    No longer in hiding, and you hold your Antifa meetings.
    We can hear you coming, and We know what you're after.
    America's wise to you this time we won't let you kill the laughter.
    Socialist Fringe – in the twilight's last gleaming,
    This is open season, but you won't get too far.
    'Cause you got to blame someone for your own confusion,
    America's all on guard this time against your Final Conservative Solution
    Americans can hear you coming no, you're not going to win this time,
    your not gonna win.
    America can hear the boot-steps out along the walkway…

    I heard this song and then the Lyrics needed some changes… Enjoy —GunDrone—.

  2. The record number of “air guitarists” did a fabulous job! With all that many participants, not a single one of them missed a note… Sounded just like the CD!! 🤣

  3. Putin is neighbor invading adolf hitler 2.0 and #1 terrorist on the planet. This is pretty much the only thing where I disagree with Trump:
    #1 terrorist is not Suleimani nor Al-Bahdadi, it is putin.

  4. I suppose you've heard about the carpenter who fell on his table saw and cut off the whole left side of his body. But the word is he's all right now!!!! LOL!!

  5. 💋💋💋😁😁😁😁⭐👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚😁💋💋😁😋😋😘😘

  6. Putin , the richest man and dictator in the world , a Mafia KGB boss who even killed all his gang because he no longer needs them !

  7. Putin is in many ways far better than most of the Leftist Marxist, lying, hate filled, Socialist, Communist, America hating, Constitution hating, God hating Democrats. At least he has laws that protect the unborn, they are looking to adopt laws in their Constitution that are anti "same sex marriage" and other things that make us look like the wicked people that we are. The Russian republic has gone from 6000 churches at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union to over 40,000 now. Of course I am a proud American but I admire a government who has such laws.

  8. I clicked on this link as soon as I saw putins face what a great cover. You look dapper too. Mr Huckabee. " the father of Sarah" lol jk. I love the accents in this video great suit!!! Exploding hammer festival. Wow. Sounds like paganism..hilarious

  9. Thank you for that insightful and thought-provoking segment on President Vladimir Putin. I'll never think the same way about him again.


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