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Cloning a hard driver or SSD (solid state drive) can be worrying if you have never done it before, but it Is now incredibly easy to do with todays modern operating systems and easy to use programs. Years ago, it was difficult to clone a hard drive, but today it is so easy that a child could do it. The software used in this video is called AOMEI Backupper, is completely free, although you might have to enter your email address –

This is definitely the easiest way of cloning a hard drive.



  1. Just use Macrium Reflect. It creates a disk image of the written space and ignores the free space. I use a portable hard drive to write my images to. It's fast and easy. No four hours wait time. And Macrium Reflect is completely free.

  2. i dont have a usb to hdd cable and i only have one hdd bay in my laptop. can i use aomei to create an image, swap the hdd in the laptop then restore the image on the new hdd?

  3. I used AOMEI back in 2016 and it worked fine with Win 7 and Win 10. Today it caused me major headaches though. It crashed my Win 7 machine twice to the extent that I had to do a forced shutdown and run the disk repair tool. It happened with both the old version and latest version of AOMEI. I need my Win 7 until the end of this year, it is 99% offline use after which I will dedicate the machine to testing ReactOS. I guess I will try RSYNC instead although I don't think that it can clone the hard drive.

  4. So If I copy my hard drive to an ssd I would be able to keep my license for windows? Im asking because I'm thinking about a computer build.

  5. Does it exist a dos version of this program so to boot directly from it after turning on the pc, i mean without having to log on windows?

  6. I tend to backup daily so although this is an excellent method it's a bit cumbersome for regular backups. I use rsync to backup daily over a secure connection then my backup is always current. For Windows the excellent delta copy is brilliant for this, but the whole drive clone is great for replacing an hard drive and you can expand the file system if the new drive is larger.

  7. Any ideas on a more updated program that is free? The above is not working out. Thanks and great video for the time!


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