The 5 BEST Places to Watch Anime (FREE and Paid)


Welcome to Anime Streaming 101. If you’re new to it, you’ll learn about all the best places to stream anime online, including both free and paid streaming options. If you’re already a master streamer of anime, then check out the advice I’m giving, and then hit the comments to dispense any additional wisdom you have.

GIVEAWAY – (Too late. This ended a while ago.)

– Exclusive streaming home of Neon Genesis Evangelion
– Originals include things like Seven Deadly Sins and Knights of Sidonia
– $8.99 Standard Definition plan, or High Definition plan for $12.99

Internet Speed Required for Streaming Netflix –

– Struck a deal with Funimation last December
– Dedicated anime section
– Only place you’ll find the immensely popular Cowboy Bebop.
– $5.99 w/ commercials or $11.99 for no commercials

Hulu with Live TV Review –

– For the serious anime obsessive.
– TONS of Dragon Ball content
– Exclusive rights to dubbed content
– Simulcasts – English-subtitled anime same day or soon after the Japanese broadcast.
– Available on all major devices
– Free, ad-supported version
– $5.99 “premium” Ad-free access to library + 2 simultaneous streams
– $7.99 “premium plus” Ad-free access to library + 5 simultaneous streams
– Download for on-the-go

– Geared toward serious Anime devotees.
– Destination for subbed stuff
– Top-tier exclusives like A Place Further Than the Universe and Laid-Back Camp
– Free stuff is ad-supported
– $7.99/mo for Crunchyroll Premium only (one simultaneous stream…maybe?)
– $9.99/mo for Crunchyroll Premium + VRV Premium

– All the same offerings as Crunchyroll
– Plus their own library of originals (like HarmonQuest)
– Consists of a collection of properties: Crunchyroll, Mondo, Hidive, Roosterteeth, Boomerang, and lots more.
– $9.99/mo

Our Recommendation:
If you dabble, Hulu/Netflix might be good enough. But if you’re an anime addict, you can get VRV for $10, Funimation for $6. That’s $16/mo for more anime than you could possibly consume … if you’re also a contributing member of society.

HBO Max:
Crunchyroll has been listed as part of the content lineup for HBO Max. Parent company AT&T owns both, so that makes sense. But it also owns VRV, so will the rest of VRV’s content be available to HBO Max subscribers? Will Crunchyroll ever become an HBO Max exclusive? As of now we don’t know the answers to these questions. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Best Live TV Streaming Service Providers –

Best Internet Services for Streaming –

Recommended Internet Speed for Streaming –


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  1. As some have (correctly) noted, I didn't make it clear enough in the video what sort of free content I was talking about. You can get free anime on VRV, Funimation, and Crunchyroll, just be aware that it'll be lower streaming quality and you'll get served up ads. Sometimes a LOT of ads. Hey, at least it's free, I guess? Anyway, thanks for the comments!

  2. Funimation isnt available in my country and i aint paying shit. You said you will show free places where i can watch anime.

  3. Netflix only has season 1 of high-school dxd and 2 seasons of the seven deadly sins, I just want to watch the rest, I'm so invested I NEED TO WATCH THEM

  4. lmao its not like underground anime sites will automatically destroy all of your devices with malware.Kissanime all the way. dumb

  5. This videos a joke right ask anyone who watches anime on the regular they will tell you to avoid funimation if you can changes lines in dubs because of writers political views check
    Actively hates fanbase check
    Literally rewrite a whole scene just to spite at fans check
    Calls any and all criticism of there bs harassment check
    Funimation the scumiest company in the anime industry full of sjw wannabe movie stars and fucking ignorant out of touch higher ups hopefully Sony after all this cuts the metric tons of dead fucking wight and tells voice actor and script writer other people's art is not your political vehicle

  6. If you are on iPhone there’s an app call AnimeGT is really good and it’s free it has all the anime’s and it updates frequently (not a bot by the way) you

    Tell me if you found the app

  7. i dont mind cruncyroll, the adds dont bother me. its just that i wish they had more anime on there, like deathnote, danganorpa, banana fish.


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