The 2020 iPad Pro Is Official & LOOKS AMAZING!


Sponsored by PaperLike: The new iPad Pro is FINALLY here and it floats above the new Smart Keyboard! Here’s my initial reaction …



  1. Sponsored by PaperLike:
    In the video it shows me ordering "the wrong" keyboard… I should've clarified that I plan on getting the new Smart Keyboard when it's available but it's not available until May (if we're lucky) so in the meantime I wanted a keyboard so I'd have at least a complete setup to use which is why I bought the $199 keyboard… I see a lot of comments about this so I just wanted to clarify.
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  2. Can anyone with the 2018 iPad Pro tell me if it really bends? I was thinking of buying it but it scares me because my 7 years old brother could sit on it or just break it.

  3. In a world with so much suffering we spend our time dreaming about new technology. As the guy in the commercial says, "It's not right." Yes, we're all guilty.

  4. Trackpad, true, but they kept the fat finger cursor, wish the would move past that or give you a toggle. It made sense when it was an accessibility options, but now they are saying it's a legit interface.

  5. CAMERA NOT FOR PHOTOS… Surely the ultra wide camera on the iPad is there, for AR… it’ll match much better to the 5m Lidar sensor? It’ll do pictures, of course, but think how it’ll be so much better the AR will be for close up stuff (as in within the 5m lidar range)

  6. Hey mate great video thanks for the informations! I'd like to ask if this new keyboard will be compatible with last generation ipad pro 2018-2019?Are there any news?Thank you!

  7. So the is the padOS the same with the 3rd generation?
    And should I get a the keyboard even though I have a MacBook Pro?

  8. Do you know if apple will release another new ipad pro this year?? I've been waiting 2 years for a good chance to buy so I want to be sure. Thanks!

  9. I love the new I-Pad Pro and would get the 1TB with maybe the Cellular option, still thinking about that. I just love that new keyboard with the Trackpad. I hope Final Cut Pro will run on the I-PadOS if you don't have a Mac, Same with Adobe Creative Cloud apps, some of them may run on it, like maybe the new Fresco, which seems to be a combination of a drawing and painting app. I love your video as always.

  10. The keyboard you added is not the new one. The new one for the 12 inch iPad runs about $350….. I still want to get one. Maybe I’ll cut back on memory.

  11. I know it looks amazing but the 2018 version makes me feel unsafe since it was so easy to bend and destroy ^^

  12. Ummm the keyboard you bought isn’t the keyboard you wanted aka the new magic keyboard 😭😭😭 why am I the only one who caught that!!!

  13. When is the update comes out? Can't wait for the proper support…

    As for the new Ipad Pro… I guess I am fine with my 2018 IPP 12.9. Definitely overkill for what I am using now. (light video editing, drawing, gaming, AND of course… watching videos…)

  14. Sticking with 2018 11 the only reason I would’ve Upgraded would’ve been the processor which has stayed nearly identical with the only exception being one extra GPU core I will however be getting the new case with trackpad is it intrigues me very much


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