Thapki Pyar Ki – 12th December 2016 – थपकी प्यार की – Full Episode HD


Aditi is doing the pooja in the home and Vasundhara is requested to start the pooja. However, Bihaan says that they cannot start the pooja till the time his mother, Kosi Devi, turns up as Kosi Devi is more important to him than God. Kabir asks Thapki whether Bihaan is talking about Kosi Devi and Thapki confirms it. Aditi carries on with the preparations and Vasundhara informs everyone that she has invited a special guest as well. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

“This is the story of a girl name Thapki who is just like the moon. Beautiful, bright and intelligent. But she has a flaw too, she stammers while speaking and hence nobody wants to marry her. Join Thapki in her search to fulfill her dreams even when the society mocks her for her shortcomings.

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  1. Dtunggu antv official ayo buruan seru kalau pakai bhs indonesia jgn uttaran mulu banyakin ehh thapki jga.

  2. Ini bihan yang asli apa bukan sii? Katanya bihan uda meninggal? Hehe maaap soalnyaa di anvt indonesia baru sampe episode 445 terus lompat nemu episode ini,yang tau komen yaaa🙏

  3. Con quỷ 👹Shanda,vừa xấu chảnh mà còn khùng…OK
    Ond features 👹Shanda,of videdra popkinahar….OK


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