Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!


Chatting with Bill Gates about electric cars, AI, philanthropy and saving the world. The 2019 Gates Annual Letter: Interviews playlist: …



  1. Bill Gates is a fraud!!! Maybe not with Microsoft, but seriously, he is a shady guy! He is behind a lot of bad shit including what is going on now with this Corona virus! Thanks, but no thanks. Microchips are beyond a stupid idea! The government just wants to keep more tabs on people, and control more of your life, wrapped in a microchip. ID2020 is not a good idea!

  2. It's a bit crazy that a smart man like Bill doesn't realize that preventing a lot of people from dying only boosts our #1 problem: overpopulation

  3. If Mr Gates was intrested in making people healther he should make a start at shut down Monanto and start getting rid of the toxic food production today!

  4. What is he doing with those billions and billions? This psycho is investing it in depopulating of the planet! He and the "WHO" are involved in this corona virus up to their elbows. They have the patents to the virus in order to have the patent to the vaccine. Check out the "Biotech Moderna" which they are invested in, is working on the vaccine for this virus. He already must have lot of people on his conscience because he looks very old for his age. It is interesting that he mentions HIV here. It just so happens that they are using HIV vaccine to treat the corona patients…

  5. 4:07 – MKBHD forced to labor through this boomer trying to EXPLAIN a "problem" that EVERYONE on the planet that supports electric vehicles were completely aware of since 2006 when Elon Musk published his master plan 14 years ago,
    and are all perfectly aware of it's PALPABLE solution. 🤦🏿‍♂️

    4:38 – I love the look on MKBHD's face as quietly says "that's the goal!" at the end of the clueless ramble!
    That was a quiet but loaded response.

  6. Interessantes Video! By the way wir trafen Bill Gates vor paar Jahren zufällig im Strandcafe in Wien. Cooler Typ


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