Sword Art Online – Kirito and Asuna Moments [English Dub]


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Kirito and Asuna moments


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  1. This show apparently is a harem. Which quite confuses me, but whatever not my show……(GAHHHHHH How the heelllll is this show a harem. Even though Kirito and Asuna are technically married and have a 'child'!)

  2. Asuna’s speech about Kirito will ALWAYS stick in my head! The first time I watched this I sobbed badly. I love them so much the show really spoke to me, despite what everyone said

  3. SAO was not my first anime, I owe that to Beyblade, but SAO is by far my favorite! I have never been so emotionally invested into an anime ever and I've never really gotten into anime but this one made me happy. I've laughed, cried, and cheered at Sword Art Online. I love it with a passion, I don't care what people say, but this anime is incredible!


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