Sending a Submarine into Europa's Ocean


NOTE: The pressure at Europa’s sea floor will be much lower than said in the video due to gravity. More like 2500-1200 bars which is still worse than on Mariana Trench, but good enough for extremophile organisms (Meaning some Tardigrades could survive there for a short time)
Europa, moon of Jupiter and one of the most promising worlds for alien life due to it’s ocean that lies beneath the ice crust. So then than on Mariana Trench but good enough for extremophilewhat would sending a submarine down that ocean be like? Watch the video to find out.

Credits for the footage of microorganisms:
Peter Matulavich/Science Photo Library – microorganism footage
Also “The Hidden Life in Pond Water” by St4rshade on Youtube

Footage of submarine in Europa:
Aliens of the Deep documentary by James Cameron

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