Realistic Animated Walk Cycle in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Tutorial


How to make the Realistic Animated Walk Cycle in PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 tutorial using Flash Once animation effect. As this video is without …



  1. Where is Flash Once : A question asked several times?

    As I said it before, the Flash Once effect is not available in later versions of PowerPoint. So what you need to do is to Download my presentation from the link in the description. After opening my presentation, move to Animation tab, select the object which has Flash Once effect (in my case, the Character) and then click the Animation Painter. Now, switch back to your presentation and the click on the object on which you want to apply the Flash Once. That is all.

    Hope that will help. 😀😊😛😜😝😀

  2. Lit subscribed your channel right after watching this video! Can’t wait to learn more about animations on PowerPoint. Ps I have the same background music on one of my videos 😆

  3. Bhai app ka video acha hai up voice input nahi karte ho isliye viewer Ko samajh nekeliye bohat problem aaraha hai plz… video main voice input karke video bonaoooo Jada acha hago animation video ???????

  4. I followed your instruction but my output is not the same as yours. the man is just blinking and not walking like in your video. the background move is ok. can you help me find what I am mismissing in your tutorial?

  5. Hello,
    could you please share me the smoke effect video in white back ground which u used in this video.. the smoke effect video which is there in smoke effect training is in black back ground..
    I want in White.
    Also, please let me know how to change the smoke color
    Thank you!

  6. Hola!!! Quisiera preguntarte cómo hiciste el efecto del texto (The Teacher) en el inicio del video??? Con q programa?? Gracias!!


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