Oppo Find X2 Pro A Weekend Later: Ultra KILLER?!


You might have heard about a phone with the word Ultra in its name, which has some crazy specs, the largest camera module and components we’ve seen in …



  1. no video stablization with front camera…. that might just be a deal breaker for me too. Thank you for pointing that out. I can do without wireless charging since i play games alot, my phone always run out of battery and i play as I charge the battery. I hope they update the software for stablization.

  2. 1:05 Dafuq did he say his name was. Slow it down bruh. Also this phone only $127 less, that's barely less. If I'm gonna spend that much anyway I'll just buy the ultra. Like seriously this video makes it out like this phone will save so much money.

  3. Would still go with s20 ultra and iPhone but not Oppo find x2 for one reason updates find x and Oppo 10X to date still stuck at android 9.

    Ps. About display of find x 2 is 10bit OLED, 1billion colors. I’ll wait for the note 20 and iPhone 12 pro heard that they’re going to use totally different OLED panels might be the same, but made by Samsung.


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