New 360 Speaker King Is Here! | Soundcore Flare Plus Review [2018]


The new king of 360 degree speakers is here! The Anker Soundcore Flare Plus is bringing sound quality and battery life unheard of in speakers in this price …



  1. I'm stuck too, between the Anker Soundcore Motion Plus and the Flare Plus. Has anyone done a direction comparison of those? have a link? thanks !

  2. Because of this video i purchased the Flare +, and it didn't disappoint, great overall speaker, its just as good as the bose revolve + but worth much more with its features, and you have a new subscriber cause of it big homie

  3. Yo how long this Bluetooth speaker keep for 100 dollars man I made up my mind to buy this speaker for Christmas my JBL change 3 USB port is done I need a new speaker I need two of them actually 😁.

  4. But they don’t say the wattage. D8 tells you what your getting.

    The D8 has a 2D and 3D sound model. Including lots of charge, wattage and bass.

  5. Do me a big favor and get two earfun iBook . It’s the same price as one flare . Please give the people a better deal Brah ! Steve and I’m out

  6. I have 2 of these, and they are definitely the best speakers I've owned. I've tried about 6 different ones, and none of them can compare. I actually want to find out if more than 2 can be paired bc Amazon has them with a coupon right now for $79.99

  7. Does this stay on so when you walk in the room you can connect from the phone and not have to press the button to turn it on. I want to leave it on a high Shelf and not have to climb up to turn it on every time like my Logitech. The Logitech even when plugged in goes into standby mode and you have to press the button on it turn it on again… thx. Great informative video..
    Also I have a Harman Kardon which is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I've ever heard is this comparison to that if you're familiar.


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