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  1. For all you thick people Lawrence is taking about Rooney as a personality and he’s right Rooney as person NOT a player is a cunt

  2. Ah man, the Ryan Giggs disrespect. He tore apart the best teams in Europe in the Champions League. Frightening at times

  3. Lawrence: “Matic just isn’t a Premier League level player”. Errrr, what a weird thing to say especially whilst watching this game?? Does he watch?
    Also, constantly ripping Wan-Bissaka who was MOTM and had one of the best games of his career. So weird, man…

  4. This normally one of my favourite shows on YouTube and I normally am fine with Laurence’s smug banter but in this episode he was doing it a bit too much for me.

  5. Your all pathetic, invincible is so unimportant, we are still winning the league, all your clubs are irrelevant

  6. Man the ignorance on the Coronavirus is a bit worrying here. They don’t make any major claims about it so it’s not so bad. But saying they contained it better than Italy and they aren’t gonna get hit is likely to look like a silly statement in a week or so. They kept it low for awhile but it’s starting to spread a lot quicker and they will likely follow the pattern of Italy just as Spain, Germany, and France have. They are starting to hurt that critical mass where the only way to stop it is to shut everything down.

  7. Cantona only had "a few good seasons" ? What the fuck ? He retired after winning 5 league titles in the 6 years he spent in England …

  8. Just to be clear, Laurence said Tim Krul has never saved a penalty from open play, again this is another stat that is complete bullshit with no research done behind as usual, because he literally saved two pens in the same against United at Carrow Road. Angers me that cause he brown noses Geordie his role as co-host is solidified, Rory should replace him the one who’s there week in week out.

  9. Just F U CK off brian, if you don't get OLE is your fucking problem and lacking understanding of football. OLE has done brilliantly whenever he had his full squad available to pick from. the squad he has been working with this season is a lot thinner than all 3 managers before him since Sir Alex. you all will see how good United will be with OLE in a couple of years

  10. That Slab-Head city fan should stop going on live, he is such an embarrassment of a football fan. Such a sore looser, it's so nice to see his pain every time city looses a game.


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