Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City: Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay make the most of Ederson’s miserable day as Red Devils do the double over …



  1. Lol it’s funny that none of these so-called “pundits” have the personal integrity to admit that they’ve been wrong about what United main problem was (lack of creativity in midfield) rather than just tying to blame the front players like the low-IQ casuals they are

  2. Rednapp go's on about De Bruyne being out and conveniently forgets about Pogba! We both had our best midfielder out. No excuse

  3. I prefer for entertainment value at least Jose's honesty on performances. Pep, we play good, jose he is miles off, we need way more.

  4. McSauce sounds and looks like he has a Roy Keane kind of mentality, he will surely be a rough and no nonsense kind of captain in future

  5. Wait a minute, Bernardo says they had a bad game, a bad performance, unacceptable, and Pep says the team did a good game, a good first half and the second even better. WTF? Am I missing something here?

  6. Mctominay eager to go and celebrate in the dressing with the lads. Kept looking over haha besides the passes martial and dan didn’t give to Bruno it was a solid performance! #Redevils

  7. So United won because the keeper make 2 mistakes… they don't mention the saves the keeper made. As always, when United win, the opposition sucked… United never plays well for these people. Such negative pricks.

  8. Huge respect to pep for not slating his players mistakes it happens at the end of the day I'm a united fan so I should know

  9. Man United finally have got leaders, real men in their squad. Passion, aggression, trepidation of losing, refusal to lose. Fernandes, McTominay, Maguire growing.

  10. The 2nd goal wasn't Eddisson's fault at all but it was of Mendy's. Eddisson placed the ball exactly where he needed it to be. It was Mendy who lost focus and gave away the goal.

  11. Exactly as keane said the keeper Ederson made two huge blunders otherwise city would have taken it.This win means nothing if we lose to spurs next week.

  12. It’s obviously sky’s footage so why you crop the top of the video and add your logo to the stolen footage bamboozles me. Btw the footage looks shit cropped.

  13. So let me get this straight, today, in the court of law, if i don't stab someone enough to kill him, I won't be charge for murder.
    Instead, the victim gets jailed for faking the attack.
    Got it.

  14. United still can't hold the ball enough if we need to create positional attacking plays… City still can't figure out how to beat a 3 man front press with high full backs pushing on the winger's space… United often allowed city only a false 9 ball out or a wide ball out… There wasn't enough from City to break down an exemplary defensive effort. United missed 2-3 other cut back goal's and a possible penalty but City got stooged with United s free kick for the first goal. City missed a golden change with Sterling to equalise but apart from that there weren't any other chances that City created. Deserved win.

  15. Credit to all brave Manchester united fans who went to lit flares at Woodward s house which eventually made him sign Bruno Fernandez

  16. People are saying city didn’t have de bruyne and Laporte but we didn’t have rashford who’s on nineteen goals in all comps this season as well as pogba who’s a world class midfielder and we all know that. Everyone should stop the crying and give credit where credit is due.


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