Malaysia reports first two COVID-19 deaths as country enters partial lockdown


On March 17, Malaysia reported its first two COVID-19 deaths. The first is a 34-year-old Malaysian man who attended the large religious gathering in Sri Petaling …



  1. i just want no schools lmao
    this is especially good for malaysia since this country is a shithole and not advanced enough to create a home digital education program

    1030 cases now , no way they would only lockdown for a week 😁

  2. This is incredibly so bizarre that there could only be 2 explanations for what is really unfolding right now.

    1. This pandemic as well as many of our wars and plagues have been planned in advance and used to eventually obtain total and full dominance and control over the people worldwide or

    2. Something Supernatural is occurring. The battle lines are being drawn between ONLY 2 GROUPS of people, Government, Leadership along with their ancient gods vs. The People and their one true god World Wide.

    I believe the police picked their side along time ago and it's not our side. I don't know who the National Guard is going to choose. I believe most doctors have chosen their side and it's not ours either. I believe most nurses are on our side. I also believe EMT's and the Fireman are on our side. Most teachers are not on our side. They haven't been for a REALLY long time. Who and what are you going to fight for, world governance, via violence and oppression or we the people and our freedoms…

    How is it possible that Gun Control shares the exact same numerical value as Covid Nineteen??? (see below) Clearly the motive all along was crowd control in order to pass gun control without hesitation via Covid-19….

    ~ The Numerical Value for Real ID = 9-11 and it just so happened to occure on that date??? Sure!

    ~ Gematria Numerical Value for "Gun ban" = repent, black mamba calabasas, shiva, etc. etc. Kobe just so happened to be called mamba and went down in calabasas? Okay.

    ~ "Gun Control" Shares the same gematria numbers as anti-christs kingdom, Covid Nineteen, Free Masonry, Kevin Durant, Mickey Mouse (as in disney), – I'm sure that is just a coincidence.

    ~ "Fake News" – shares the same gematria as Government, staged event, Throne of David, Calamity, Jesuit, Iran War, The Elite. Hint Hint – Legal Propaganda via the Smith Mundt Act of 2012. But I'm sure they would not lie to us about something as serious as this, right?

    ~ Gematria for The Finish Line – = Donald J. Trump, Baron Trump, Donald Drumpf, Moshiac, Nuclear, I am begotten, Ancient Gods, etc. etc.

    ~ Gematria for "It is Finished" – = Donald Trump, DUAL MESSIAH'S, Plantagenet, Super Bowl, The Chosen One, JOHN F. KENNEDY (Didn't he have a HEAD WOUND?) Prince Charles, William Gates, Make America Great, Trump Pence, Crucifixion, Don J Trump, The Alpha and The Omega, The great beast, Keep America Great, Jobs, jobs, jobs, Baron Trump, Love is light, Donald J Drumpf, Master Mason, Hidden Indigo Child, Are You Ready, Mark of Lucifer, George H W Bush,

    ~ Gematria shared numerical value for "The Red Line" – = "Let me be clear", Mark Men Chip, Gentiles, Tares, etc. etc.

    ~ Gematria for "The Thin Blue Line" – = Gods Here Be Careful, Archangel Metatron, Flat Earth Paradise, Final Days, Time is Short, etc. etc.

    ~ Gematrie Value for Jennifer lopez = Corona Virus – She just happened to perform at Superbowl. Right before a pandemic occured named "The Corona Virus". Sure that is just a coincidence.

    ~ Gematria Value for Shakira = Wuhan – Just another coincidence.

    ~ Gematria for Italy = Wuhan – They just so happen to be suffering the most from Wuhan.

    ~ Gematria for Prince Harry = Covid 19

    ~ Gematria for Rachel Meghan Markle = Corona Virus (Didn't Meghan and Prince Harry allegedly leave the royal family and move to Canada where many believe one of the new kingdoms would be?) Nothing fishy about that.

    ~ Gematria Value for Shakira = Wuhan

    ~ Gematria for "A Pole Shift" = 666

    ~ "Georgia Guidestones" – in gematria = My Name is Lord, to speak is to create, Kingdom of the AntiChrist, Jared Corey Kushner, Bible God Prophecy Near, Lord of the Serpent, etc.etc.

    It appears that these people are "WILLING" these events to come into fruition. Also keep in mind the billions of dollars the government is giving local officials is in fact OUR money. They are forcing people out of their jobs. They keep saying they want to help the Americans financially. Why don't they give that money back to us? Why don't they suspend tax collecting while this is going on? They are actually placing Employment Ads for MORE IRS Agents not less. They are making everything worse with every passing day…

    Either way, we are being totally set up. No doubt we are in serious danger right now and we ABSOLUTELY have to come together and find ways to remove ourselves from the grasp of the government…

  3. It's largely because of the religious gathering. They REALLY messed up the number. If there's no gathering i think we can still live as normal. Now we are heading to a full lockdown because 4000 members are yet to turn themselves in. Come sunday the army is going to take over.


  5. Remember how they mock and laugh at us when singapore is the most infected countries in the beginning ? Asking singaporean not to come and spread virus ?? . .. . And now ? 😆😆😆😆😆

  6. Got a former coworker that live in Penang. Told me private hospitals there will not entertain any person suspected of having COVID19 and will be refered to government hospitals. Anybody living there can verify?

  7. So now Malaysians are singing different tune. I still remember when we signed the petition barring all China tourists we were called fearmongers. This is the consequence of not giving heed to such a dangerous virus. A journalist even mentioned she was very unlikely to get the virus. As for us the average citizens already saw this coming in Jan! Enjoy yourself now!

  8. No social or religious gatherings. This must be strictly enforced. Sip coffee at home and enjoy some quiet time. Read up on your favourite subject. Watch documentaries. So many profitable things to do.

  9. Older people especially must stay at home and rest. Don’t mix with others to help contain the virus. Be responsible. Safety first.


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