Leicester, England. UK TRAVEL VIDEO


In this video I show Leicester city center, Abbey Park, Leicester Abbey ruins (12th century) and Leicester Guildhall (1390).

Leicester is a city and unitary authority area in the East Midlands of England, and the county town of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar and at the edge of the National Forest.

In the 2011 census the population of the City of Leicester unitary authority was approximately 330,000 making it the most populous municipality in the East Midlands region. The associated urban area is also the 11th most populous in England and the 13th most populous the United Kingdom.



  1. If you are thinking for some strange reason to come to Leicester hire a 4 wheel drive car with good suspension the roads surfaces are absolutely appalling we are talking sub 3rd world level here council spends thousands on cycle lanes no one uses and leave the roads Regent road. Oxford street Wellington street universety road and surrounding areas in particular are rubbish you have been warned it's also a great place if you want charity shops the streets are full of them not much else

  2. Estuve una vez en esa ciudad estudiando y fue una gran y bonita experiencia y con el invierno que frío😬!, pero fue bonito, como me gustaría que mi Panamá fuera así de avanzada, limpia y ordenada👍🏻🇵🇦.

  3. Just looked at the virtual flythrough video. It seems that spice heads and beggars arnt recreated. And look at this video, what a dreary shit hole of a place Leicester has become.

  4. I was born and raised in Leicester. It has changed a lot. Mainly down to immigrants taking over. I moved away from Leicester years ago. Once you leave, you never go back. Absolute shit hole that is basically a modernised version of the black hole of Calcutta. Over populated and full of wogs who hate white people. It is a cheap alternative to a visit to India or Pakistan. To be fair, there are some decent places to visit in the countryside. Other than that, the inner city areas are shit holes full of old terrace houses, occupied by some of the most stinking wogs in the UK. The best thing for Leicester is to flatten it and start again.

  5. I better just put this out there, Leicester is a good expanse of how cultures can sometimes cope together. Everyone minds their own business, it also very amusing to see the hardcore Catholics preaching while the Hindus are singing and dancing ect

  6. That use to be the mc Donald’s!!!?????
    Now it’s costa I think I don’t like it tho it’s has loads of chairs at the back that are perfectly fine yet they lock that area up >:(

  7. carly it's hard to believe you're all the way there in leicester
    our soon to be daughter/sister in law is such a kind and caring person
    i'm so glad you found mitchell here on YouTube those few years ago
    you're wonderful sweetie
    we all love you so much
    like you do us
    i know mum is looking down at us and smiling
    rachel m xxxxx

  8. A divided city now. Muslims on one side and Europeans on the other. Leicester has been sinking since the Romans left. Just like London with its Muslim Mayor. How long will Europe last in its original form. My old school and cinema are converted into Mosques.

  9. Leicester city centre itself might look like many a place but the charm of this place is really the Oadby suburbs where many Leicester University students live and the distinctive Leicester University campus charmingly situated next to a large park (yet confining itself to a cutely compact campus which gives 'rise' to some of its bold architecture) midway inbetween city centre and Oadby, which is like a brilliant selection of 20th century architecture from 1950s to brutalist to 70s medical to high tech. In typical quirky yet serious fashion, the oldest (19th Century origin) building, Fielding Johnson, used to be a mental hospital and asylum. Oh – and David Attenborough was born on the campus.

  10. Looks really normal. Check Poland, this is place to live 😀 mountain, sea… and more, more another things. Pozdro!

  11. Fantastic place to live, Leicester has really been given a make over in recent years and the county is beautiful, especially around Bradgate Park and the surrounding ancient oak woods and pretty villages. There's a lot of creative talent in Leicester, great place for musicians, artists etc and the multi cultural mix really works. Leicester is friendly and has a lot of potential for the future…


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