LASK LINZ vs MAN UTD Europa League Preview


Jay Motty is in the studio and joined on Skype by the meme team, Adam Mckola and Stretford Paddock’s, Joe Smith. *PLEASE NOTE* #This was filmed on the …



  1. I want to be Devils advocate here when that paddock guy who has zero knowledge abt Man United big follower of Pogba.
    Firstly, Last few games what do you all see when Bruno is in team a balance in the squad after Sir Alex none of the Managers could find that..What Bruno does on field is he creates a pattern such that the play evolves and ball moves faster rather than waiting and wasting time like some big plyers who think they are bigger than Man United..First understand the impact of Bruno having him in the team United are balanced team and we can still play if we have other players injured, special shout-out to Fred and Matic, Matic being deep lying CDM, Fred playing Centrally and Bruno linking Central midfield to attack and also False 9 sometimes, show me by putting Pogba in instead of Bruno we will still be shit as he cares of news for himself, always club is bigger than players for me United should build the next team around Bruno as simple as that as he brings better balance to the team and players look up to him as he also manages and coordinates the press when opposition have the ball..We are absolute lucky to have Bruno in our team, with him additionally others have stepped up their performances, this is what United is all about..

  2. without a doubt Pogba has more talent and skill than Bruno
    However Bruno PERFORMS better. More consistent much better leader and organizer on the pitch.
    Pogba is way too passive inconsistent and rarely plays for the team

  3. Comparing Lingard to Matic? Are you guys drunk? I get the point about managing game-time but it's a bad example. Matic is 1000x the player Lingard and Pierera are.

  4. So you’re a muppet if you think Fernandes is better than pogba apparently by mckola yet you dont go on to even explain why? On what basis is pogz better than fernandes? can only remember a handful games pogba played decent in

  5. Look guys, this may be an easy match on paper, but it might not be that easy on grass. Here is an Example: We all thought we would win the first leg of the R16 match vs Brugge but it ended up as a draw. So ya’ never know what might happen. My score prediction: 1-2 to Utd

  6. I think the vast majority of people are suggesting Bruno is better than pogba……for Manchester United! One wants to be here and the other doesn’t . If you are not kicking a ball for the club, you can’t be better than anyone.

  7. People are saying the team is playing 10% better with fernandes in it, part of me thinks pogba might play great aswell but part of me just wants us to hire players that want to play for the badge, who don't let their agent diss the manager

  8. fernandes is doing what we thought pogba was going to do.????/ thats a fact. not a dig simply just saying hes come in and instantly dominating everything

  9. Stats aren't the full story. Di Maria had insane stats before his red card. Even Beckham was sold when SAF thought he might not be 100% committed to the club.

    Pogba doesn't give a shit about anything but a comfortable pay check, his work rate is shit, and he has absolutely no passion for the badge. No matter how talented he is, SELL. Or just let go on a free, I couldn't care less about him.


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