Korean Celebrities We Lost in 2019 [Cha In Ha, Goo Hara, Ha Yong Soo, Han Ji Seong, Sulli]


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  1. These cases are unlikely, as Grissom on .C.S.I. tv program always said "LET THE EVIDENCE SPEAK FOR ITSELF." There is secrets here being covered by their families too because of tarnishing their NAME, BEING ASHAMED. I suspect there is also DRUG ABUSE, and alcohol! This beingTHEY ARE VERY young and having all these, or 'UNKNOWN CAUSE' is very lazy reporting and investigating!! EXCUSES TO SHUT DOWN THE INVESTIGATION, THE QUESTIONS, THE CLUES, SPECULATION, STUDY, EVIDENCE, AND DIGGING FOR TRUTH! Korea you need to start standing up and cry out LOUDER enough is enough! Make them DO THEIR JOB RIGHT. As for the MEDICAL SCIENCE THEY TOO JUST AS GUILTY WITH MUCH BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! THEY DO NOT CURE AT ALL! BUT they know how to keep patients SICK, and PROFIT with tons of $$$$. NOTHING BUT PIMPS WRITING OUT THE NEWEST DRUG. SHAME ON YOU, YOU SO CALLED DR'S! Such gross negligence from all mentioned here.

  2. korea social hierarchy and entertainement industry is so filthy and corrupted that young people choose death may they rest in peace

  3. So many young people decide to commit a suicide in South Korea. What a hell is going in this country?
    WHAT should you do to a young successful person for him or her to commit a suicide?!

  4. I only started to like jeon mi sun but now i found out about her death, left me heartbroken. Rest in peace, beautiful.

  5. As someone who handles teen models,I know personally how a single negative comment about someone especially concerning their physical appearance can cause depression and in the long run suicide or nervous breakdown

  6. young people of their 20’s died heart attack? without any heart problem or history? that’s a mystery, i don’t believe it, we need thorough forensic investigations! it has something to do with corruptions, scandals, and sexual exploitation in the production companies, VIP’s , prominent influential politicians and families in South Korea. now a days there are medicines even artificial vitamins and food supplements that can leads to heart attack and will not even be seen in the autopsy. Mafia’s are digitals, modern and on the go. or just write a suicide letter and kill or hang yourself. even police are powerless becoz they have blood on their hands too, the government must do something for it., justice for this young people who dies.

  7. i was shocked when i saw Suli and Cha In Ha ' s name in the list…i am big admirer of suli's act i was surprised that she no more and i loved his act in love in flaws i wished to see his more acts…unfortunately i cant now

  8. Sulli
    Goo Hara
    Jin hyong
    Maeng Yuna
    Song Young Hak
    Woo hye mi
    Jeon mi sun
    Han Hi Seong
    Koo Bon Im
    Lee Il Jae
    Ha Yong Soo

    And many more
    Rip beautiful people that we call
    Our angelsss
    I'm so traumatised
    I love you lotsssss

  9. You can see in all of sulli's videos you'll find a trace of sadness in all her smiles if you pay close attention 😢😢

  10. K Police offecers not doing well investigation on some of the death's I beleve, soo many shady deaths ,unknown reasons of the deaths ? Something is stinks I beleve in these so called investigations open & shut casess mostly.
    Pure lazy police work !! Why these beautiful young people dying sudenly? What is realy going on ?

  11. Nunca entenderé lo de Cha in ha. Fue todo tan extraño. En su último personaje se habla del suicidio, días después se suicida…fue un chico brillante

  12. The reason why I'm still traumatized by Sulli's death is 3 days before her death I commented on her last photo on her instagram saying "Sulli be strong love!" and then she took her own life on 14th October which is on the same date as my birthday and I couldnt stop crying. She is my bias since f(x) and she took her own life on my birthday which felt very shitty, it wasnt a birthday gift that I wanted. R.I.P Sulli and all other kpop stars.

  13. how is it there are so many deaths and the reasons not found r they intentionally killing of these celebrities? sorry no offense just find it weird

  14. Imagine the people who found their bodies. That must be so tramautizing. Rest in peace to the beautiful souls we lost in 2019 ;;

  15. Just wanted to share some info: while everyone knows that drugs are bad, some seem to think that having some ecstacy at the club is harmless. When you read about young people having a heart attack, it should get you thinking. Also, as it is an illegal drug, it is not produce in a controlled environment like prescription drugs that come from a factory. So you never know what's in it…

  16. To anyone who has ever talked bad about them try to think of how you would like to apologize to them when they are already gone

  17. So many of these deaths causing are being covered up or just not released. Look at time stamp 3:28, the bruises visible on her arm are from something, what IDK, drugs, abuse, malnutrition combo of all three, someone knows but they don’t want to say. That’s waaaaay too many young people dying with heart attacks. This k drama industry needs to be investigated. My heart is broken for the mothers & fathers mourning their children, the siblings, and the grandparents. Condolences to all of those who have lost loved ones not just in Korea but world wide due to this pandemic coronavirus.

  18. Even one is too many… but to me, the saddest is the situations like Sulli, and Hara… Where I feel that perhaps it could have been prevented, if the world wasn’t such a cold place, and people weren’t so cruel… it makes me sad. 😔😥


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