ITZY WANNABE was a very interesting track that had a lot of interesting styles. The members had excellent vocals and power in this track. What did y’all think???


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  1. Thanks for this reaction!! I love this so much!! Itzy is my favorite and the first girl group that I like. I am a new fan. I watch all their title track music videos. But, don’t watch their live performance or their album. I don’t have time. But, more this comeback, I might watch it. I love the meaningful lyrics of this song. Their amazing singing, rapping and dancing. Their lovely visuals, and stylish clothes. I love the aesthetics of the video. Ryujin is my bias, ever since I know about her in the BTS Highlight Reel. I love the part where she looks at the mirror and cut her hair to make it short, because that is what she wants to do. She wants to have short hair, she don’t need to follow the stereotypical girls should have long hair. I love every scene Ryujin shows up. Her iconic rapping. Her awesome voice when she sings: One and Only Me. I love the many clothes hangers that Chaeyeong runs through. And, alluring cat eye Yeji dancing in a club. Adorable, Lia walking on the table and kicking and dropping things. And, cute Yuna in her yellow dress and just walking the runway without heels, shoes and is barefoot.

  2. My fav song till now is Cherry by them and my Biases are Lia and Yuna 🔥❤ also love your reactions! 👍


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