iPhone 6S WiFi Antenna Replacement


This video will guide you through the process of replacing the wifi antenna on an iPhone 6S. The video is a step by step follow along guide, with nothing left out, from start to finish.

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  1. My 6s is call faileing when calling someone and getting incoming call not connecting from other phone but signal showing full and flight mode off on it will working 1min max

  2. WiFi works well Bluetooth does not, no Bluetooth speakers connect well, it say connected then it cut in and out, Airpods have the same symptoms..says connected but no sounds…playback of music will even stop while the Airpods are connected. I've done everything software related… restore from backup, reset to factory and nothing works. Could it still be the WiFi/Bluetooth antenna even though WiFi is fine.

  3. That's not the Wi-fi Antena, I remove mine and still got Wi-fi / Bluetooth, but no cellular signal, that means is the cellular antenna or have something to do with it.

  4. ok so my wifi works perfectly till i leave the room from where my router is located, and then suddenly i get 1 bar and when i go upstairs its as bad as no bars sometimes , what type of part should i replace?

  5. Hi! How do you know if this is the part that has to be replaced? ‘Cause I’ve tried a lot of other ways but doesn’t work :/

  6. A lot od people said me that this is very risky job. You can “destroy” phone if you try this and a little precentage is that it really works. Is IT truth?? Sorry about my bad english 😂😂


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