Install Age of Empires 2 HD on Mac + Multiplayer Online


If you are experiencing water texture error, see this updated guide of AoE II HD on Mac

Buy the game on G2A:

Instructions of how to install the game with Steam Wrapper:


Check the apps and videogames library for Mac:


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  1. I'm currently running AoE2 HD perfectly in wrapper WS9Wine3.21 however I can't fix these two issues since I started the game:

    1) Can't write inside the game: I wanted to set a password in order to play with my friends online but I can't use the keyboard. I already granted permission to Wineskin Winery and Steam. Nothing happened.

    2) My speakers are GONE!!!! Only using headphones I can hear any sound (even if I'm not playing or using any app)

    Any help?!?! Please, ayuda!!!

  2. Hi I have an issue when trying to go into any map. I get the next error: Failed to load texture file:
    C:Program files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonAge2HDresoursces_commomterraintextures

  3. Hi! Followed your instructions for Catalina, Steam works Okay. However, I don't seem to have the "Launcher.exe" within the Steam Apps folder. Can you please advice? Thanks!

  4. Hi there, thanks for the tutorial. Everything worked fine until I try to start a new game (already within AoE). Then it stops working and says "fatal error" or something alike. You have any suggestion on what to do? Thanks

  5. i tried going to wineHQ appdb to download a different wine version but the ones they suggested aren't in Winery. The version I'm after is 4.18 and 4.21. neither version are in winery. which version do i need?

  6. I bought the KEY from link, i have activate the game on Steam but i have no ideea what must to do now. Can you please make a readme?

  7. Just today my steam wrapper decided to not work any more. There was a steam update and now I get a 'fatal error' saying steam is not supported by my system. Does anyone has the same problem? And how can we fix this?

  8. I need help pleae. I purchased the game Age of Empires II and is now in my Steam programe, but when I try to install it comes up a window saying "An error occurred while updating Age of Empires II (2013)"

  9. Hello,
    I followed all instructions but at the very end when I try to launch the game , a message problem appears :

    " Failed to initialize draw system"

    Could someone please help me ?
    Many Thanks .

  10. got it working on mac mojave in 2019! i did this by following the instructions, i did hit rebuild wrapper in the advanced section of wineskin and also instead of keeping the launcher back up, i deleted it. the game doesnt open everytime though…. if you have any tips theyre gladly welcome !

  11. I can't download the game I bought on steam! I was able to download steam but it still won't show me the store or the community pages. Just the library.

  12. On my Mac after making the Steam wrapper and everything, I manage to get to the "Install" button on Steam. Once I click "Install", however, it says something to the effect of "content servers unreachable"… I see on forums that others have had this problem, but I am by no means a programmer and all of the suggested solutions seem to involve writing code into some program that I'm not sure I have…
    HELP?! Please 🙂

  13. Thanks for the videos. I followed your previous ones on how to play PC on Mac and have followed absolutely everything. Just purchased AOE2HD from Steam. Opened my wineskinsteam as you did and I can see my game there. When I click download, it just comes up with "An error occurred while updating Age of Empires II: HD Edition (content servers unreachable)." I clicked See the steam support for more information and they advised me to change my location from UK London to Manchester or France but that hasn't worked? Any idea what I can do? Kindest regards

  14. I get stuck at the "Validating Subscriptions" section when I run the game for the first time, then it just gets stuck searching for Mods. Any idea what might be happening here?

  15. No funciona… qué puedo hacer? Hice todo el proceso pero cuando estoy a punto de jugar el juego por primer vez y de que se bajen unas actualizaciones dice:

    "Failed to initialize draw system : main.cpp(312)"

    Me puedes ayudar?


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