I will take risks in order to win | Leipzig vs Tottenham | Jose Mourinho pre-match press conference


Jose Mourinho reveals he is prepared to live up to Tottenham’s motto To Dare is To Do in order to beat RB Leipzig in the last 16 of the Champions League.



  1. Wow – Jose Mourinho the risk-taker? Who would have thought it? Can a bold approach help Spurs get past Leipzig in the Champions League?

  2. How long ago did Bayern beat Spurs and Pochetino 7-2 in their own stadium even without these injuries? Short memory fans ha? Even Bayern struggle against Leipzig this season. Football is played by quality players on the field, not by a coach waving a magic wand. And quality players you don’t have. Jose is going beyond all limits trying to make something out of nothing. I am a Jose fan 4real.

  3. Everybody hating Mourinho, dont forget what he did at inter vs BARCA. Tottenham can definitely still go through. Coming from man u fan

  4. complete waffle, go for it my arse he will park the bus for 80mins then maybe last 10 might av a shot or two, this mans the most boring man in world football, spurs will be boring under him now

  5. Have a bad feeling more injuries to come in Leipzig game.All players look burned.Levy you ruined a very competitive team.Fix all issues in the summer in any cost otherwise it will take long to play ch.league again…

  6. With no midfield, zero strikers, season already written off, throwing players under the bus, blaming everyone else, how can you possibly get a result Miserable One?

  7. In other words…”if we lose, it is because we tried to win”…that’s kind of the point. He’s just covering his butt for when they get spanked

  8. Excuses, Excuses, he was going to park the plane anyway and try and knick a goal!! This is his excuse when they get knocked out!! Injuries! The reality is Jose is a dated manager who has no place in modern day football, that’s clear!!

  9. The only manager in the world who is always under pressure.
    Tomorrow he will win.
    It will be entertaining game for spurs fans.
    I feel tomorrow we will see something we haven’t seen for a while.

  10. Hard luck, Jose,,,,u been without ur 4 top players, son,kane,eriksen,rose, n now two players, sorry Jose ,,best of luck,,


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