How to Setup Anycast Device to HDTV for Airplay on iPhones- Step by Step!


Step by step tutorial on how to setup your Anycast M2 Plus device to your TV so you can airplay your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, etc). With this device you can airplay in other words screen mirror your iPhone to your TV or monitor wirelessly.

ERISAN Anycast Updated EZM2+:

Important notes:
– Cannot play Netflix
– Don’t need wifi network to connect as it is a wifi direct connection
– if you want internet access you can use your home wifi network
– You can also screen mirror Android phones but this video is only about how to setup airplay.
-You can airplay your Apple computer same setup as we did with the iPhone:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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  2. So you need internet in order for this to workif I had internet service I wouldn't need this what good is mirroring off my phone if I already have the internet I got this I wouldn't have to pay for an internet bill and now this doesn't work without the internet waste of f**** money

  3. Hi I can connect to my iPhone hotspot, but when I try to connect to my home WiFi it’s just hanging there with connecting. Can anyone help me?

  4. Hii there..! Greetings from India. Your video was very helpful, but i just need a help there. Can we connect our ios device to the wifi broadband connection at the same time we are using the anycast device?

  5. Mine doesnt have that lil button on it. And it doesnt show no psk code it shows only half of the barcode thing


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