How to Make Smooth Edges in Photoshop in 5 Minutes


Tutorial on smoothing technique in Photoshop. This video will teach you how to make smoother edges of any object. If you want to train your graphic design …



  1. I don't like the fact that I can't select the add layer mask (Japanese Flag under the channels tab) and for some reasons many people here reported this issue and no solution was provided. Even after following exact same steps, this doesn't make any sense, regardless thanks for the tutorial but it's not simple enough.

    Edited: Found out why it wasn't working, at 0:24 you said "Press down control" it should be control for Windows and Command for MAC Users, Pressing Control on Mac like you said didn't select anything.

  2. yeah when i make my layer mask, its inversed. black background with white objects instead of black object with white background. idk how to fix that

  3. Hey In the end U can hear a bit of a motorboat kinda noise. Same thing happens to me. Do u know why this happens?

  4. Steps:

    1. Ctrl + Click thumbnail of desired object

    2. Channels tab (windows ->channels)

    3. click new mask (at the bottom. "Japanese flag"

    4. Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (blur rough edges)

    5. Image -> adjustments -> levels -> Adjust to make sharp

    6. Ctrl + Click mask thumbnail

    7. Select original layer

    8. If selection area is smaller -> leave as is, or select -> modify -> contract -> contract by 1 or more pixels

    If selection is bigger -> select -> modify -> contract -> contract by 1 or more pixels

    9. Selection tool -> right click -> select inverse – delete

    10. magic

  5. I learned so much from this one video, how do you only have 213 subs?? Subscribed, looking forward to more photoshop tutorials!

  6. Thank you so very much. Your video helped me tremendously. I like how detailed and clear you are.


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