How to draw Anime "Using only ONE pencil" Part I [Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners]


Watch my recent tutorials? just click: btw… This Anime Drawing Tutorial is just an …


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  1. To all the viewers and to my subscribers, again, I'll be reminding you about my mistake in the video. That "3B" substitle shoud be written as "5B". I accidentally used the wrong pencil. Sorry for the wrong info.

  2. It is just a bondpaper? Or other type of paper? Did you use a cotton? It is dry or wet? Please i wanna know
    Please response.

  3. I'm not critiquing your work or anything, but I was wondering why you made the face smaller than your initial circle. I've always been told to just bring it down from the outside of the circle. (the loomis method). is it also ok to do it your way, or is it ok to do it here because most of the rest of the head is covered by hair?

    I'm a pretty trash artist. i've been drawing for most of my life but I was really only developing better motor skills. i've only been truly learning technique in the past 3 years. most of the time, i will research something for a month before ever practicing it. I've always wondered how good artists can make shapes look real. like, if i try to draw a horn, it looks cartoony. but if my teacher draws one, it looks real, even without shading. he just quickly sketches an outline. i once even tried to use perspective lines and base shapes, but it still looked like trash. is there a method to do it better, or do i just need to practice a lot more?


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