How to Draw a Cheetah using Coloured Pencils | Realistic Animal Drawing Tutorial



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In this realistic animal drawing tutorial I go through how to draw a cheetah using coloured pencils. I go through my method for drawing a cat using coloured pencils and solvent. I give tips on how to draw realistic animals and how to draw realistic fur. I talk about things to consider when drawing fur. This realistic animal coloured pencil drawing took me about 12 hours, which means this drawing tutorial does need to be sped up quite a bit. However if you do want to see all of the cheetah drawing in real time then the drawing tutorials are on my patreon.

Faber Castell Polychromos 120 Set:
Caran D’ache Luminance:
Prismacolor Premier:

Zest it Solvent: UK-
Mona Lisa Odourless Paint Thinner:

Brush and Pencil- Titanium white powder and touch up texture

Derwent Superpoint Sharpener:

Daler Rowney smooth heavyweight:

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  1. Your art has made the world even better ✏
    Thanks , when I draw I sometimes I feel nervous because I might not make my drawings better than before ✏✏✏✏✏📏📐
    But I get my confidence from your tips of art now my drawings are inspiring also yours!!!😊😊😀😀

    Your tips will make everyone who draws more often * EVEN BETTER* because of you 😇😇😇

    You are an artist , everyone will know how to draw because of you 😊😊

    Everyone will know Because of* YOU 😃😃😃😄😄😄

    Thank you so much for the lessons 😍😍

  2. Thanks for your video, really appreciate the fact that you show us how it's done plus NAME all the products used that is really helpful!!

  3. Q: Do you hand draw your sketches, or trace them? If u do trace them , how? (If u don't trace then , damn props to you.)

  4. For people who don't have a lot of money, I found that nail polish remover, acitone, works well to blend wax based pencils. Such as prismacolor.

  5. I need a little help. If you know any art shops (preferably good ones) in New Zealand (preferably Bay Of Plenty or Waikato) that… exist? Tell me please! Thanks!

  6. I would like to subscribe to your courses. I have two questions, if I do the 5 dollar/month lot, can I have access to all the full animal videos? Dear Kirsty, could you do more animal drawing tutorials? Love your work.

  7. Do you recommend a solvent mine just spreads everything around. 🤙❤️❤️👍👍👈😍🔥👌🙃👀😋💙💜💚💛

  8. Hi Kirsty. Thanks for all your tips and tricks! You're a very skilled artist! One of the things that I have a really hard time with is choosing which colours to use on a drawing. For most of my life I've only drawn in graphite but during the last year I've been branching out into coloured pencil drawings. The hardest thing for me is picking the right colours to use when drawing a particular thing. It seems to me that choosing colours are a bit like a musician choosing the exact right note to use when playing a tune from just listening to a melody. If you have the sheet music then it's easy as the sheet music tells you the exact note. Although I always use a reference photo (which is sort of an artist's "sheet music") I still have a hard time choosing the exact right colour to use. What do I do? Use a colour wheel? Scan the picture and use the eyedropper tool? And if so how do I equate the RGB value given by the software to the name or number of the colour in a particular set of pencils? I find I'm ruining my drawing by "guessing" the wrong colour. What do you do? Thanks in advance and please keep helping us to draw better.

  9. I never saw your video before, and i was not knowing that something like white pencil or solvent exist😬, yoo are amazing😍😁

  10. I can never get the white Caran dache to go over any colours it just won't work for me. Please help. I'm going over Faber castell poly chromos

  11. Would you ever consider drawing a black panther? I’d love to see how you’d tackle that. I’m sure it’d be amazing just like all the rest of your work xx

  12. kirsty you have a amazing gift, i have watch most of your videos and theirs no words to describe how good you are in what you do


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