How to animate pastel drawings with Anime Studio Pro 11


Please watch: “Little Angel Picture Book on iBooks with Movie” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- How to animate pastel drawings …



  1. Can you do a step-by-step on how to make character move in animation studio

    with the bones and a photo animated studio pro 11 thank

  2. Great lesson!!!! Yes, more Moho/PhotoShop would be wonderful!!!! I'm learning how to animate my oil paintings. Do you have any in this animation style of machines–like cars, bulldozers, tractors, etc? Someone did a short animation for me of one of my snowcat machine paintings. I would love to be able to figure out all the stuff she did!!! Thank you very much for the lesson!!!!!

  3. I'm looking to paint isometric models by importing them into an advanced painting software. Is there one you could recommend that isn't as expensive as Photoshop, preferably one I purchase a perpetual license.

  4. Wow
    Now that is really good tutorial. I am biggener at animation and start with moho. It seemed looking at white boring board full with icons and tabs. My mind stopped.
    You should make a complete course for animation with moho from scratch. Please think about that. Each course I bought in moho was missing lots of consept or difficult to follow. When I find your chanel it was like a safe from drowning. I also bought your tutorial on vemo (Animate 2D with live_ action. You make everything seems easy.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Hoi, ik ben een beginneling, met Moho 12 aan de slag (vroeger op Amiga kleine 2d-animaties gemaakt) wil animaties maken opnieuw leren en probeer daarom een animatie te maken van iemands tekeningen. Ik heb net een video van je bekeken, leuk! Ik heb ook getekende dieren in Photoshop, geimporteerd in Moho 12 en nu probeer ik een wat vloeiende beweging met koppies/hoofdjes van links naar rechts te maken (met sequencer), maar dat gaat nog wat schokkerig, heb je wellicht tips? Ik heb de koppies/hoofdjes in 5 verschillende standen, van links, naar midden en naar rechts kijken in verschillende lagen psd opgeslagen. Groet, Miranda Vos

  6. This is very cool. I'm wanting to do an animated video using water colors and I'm thinking I can use a similar technique. However, it looks fairly time consuming. I could see a five minute animation taking several months to complete. I was curious if it would be faster to draw the deer on green paper and chroma key or color select it out versus do the hand selection process.

  7. Please more tut's of how to anima single drawing.
    -and a reference to other such tut's would be great 🙂
    Good work Sir!

  8. Just got anime 12 debut and I am learning from scratch.Thank you for your video! I didnt know you can import a drawing and animate it.

  9. Im not trying to start anything so please understand this is just a question but why did you not mask it off vs erase ?

  10. When I move the bones the picture doesn't move with it. The bones move and the photo stays the same. How can I fix it?

  11. Great Video! Thanks for posting, I'm considering getting Anime Studio Pro and your video was very information and helpful!

  12. thank you Stayf. Excellent tutorial. I'm very interested in more tutorials animating paintings and drawings in anime Studio because I am making animations from picturebook illustrations. Many thanks for your generous work.

  13. I'm loving your tutorials man! I do have a question about attaching bones to png files. In your video you seem to draw your bones and instantly your image is attached to the bones. I have my png file uploaded, bones drawn, the bones work great, but my image is completely detached from the bones. Any thoughts? Thanks

  14. Thanks a lot for this! This tutorial was surprisingly very helpful and helped me figure out how to animate a series I'm planning to get that illustration motion style! Thanks again!

  15. Thanks for your tutorial.

    I have to visit your channel. I would like to make traditional animation, frame by frame.

    And I'm going to try Clip Studio to see the new area of animation, to see how it works.

  16. Weet u toevallig of dit ook mogelijk is met Anime Studio Debut (11)? Want dit ziet er heel mooi uit en ik weet niet of ik Pro of Debut moet downloaden. Alvast bedankt!

  17. just happened upon this, but looked so interesting, I had to watch. I grew up working with pastels as a child and teenager, so this really intrigued me…AND I actually learned a lot and can hopefully broaden my creativity. Thanks a lot, sincerely.


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