How Borussia Dortmund's Attack Became A Goal Machine – Sancho, Haaland & Hakimi Analysed


4 goals per match in the second half of the campaign. ▻ Sub now: An outstanding strike rate for Borussia Dortmund.



  1. If they remain at dortmund and dont go after the fame and money…they will become massive… They are still in developing phase and should not go after big clubs…although dortmund is huge but it provide the proper environment for the growth of players unlike other big clubs which are already full of star names…. They will get the playing time they want to improve and showcase in dortmund and not a any other big clubs… Take the example of fellow dembele

  2. Don't forget Emre Can. He and Witzel gave the team a midfield solidness that didn't exist before. Just bring Brandt back to Hazard's place and we're ready to go. (Sorry Haz, I like you, but lately you just run, run, run and don't go nowhere).


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