Hilariously rude Harry Potter throwbacks with Daniel Radcliffe | Graham Norton Show – BBC


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  1. dan needs to see the behind the scenes of when he was filming harry potter and the sorcerer's stone!!! That should be what they do for their 20th-anniversary reunion!!!! PLEASE GET THIS TO THE TOP

  2. Daniel Radcliffe doesn't get enough credit for his wonderful comedic timing. He's always nimble and lighthearted in a variety of conversation topics.

  3. Never knew I needed this but I love it! It’s nice seeing the HP cast with one another it would be epic if Daniel has an interview one day with Ralph fiennes

  4. She was only in two films and only one of those where she had a few lines, yet she still had the funniest line in the whole franchise when Neville fainted, "just leave him there" lol she didn't give a shit.

  5. I found out how hilarious Miriam was too late. Man she should've been in TV for years, how many funny moments we had missed out?

  6. Hold on, I remember seeing her in more than just 2 movies! Or is it that I've read the books so many times that my mind created false movie memories?

  7. I like how she can talk about his balls and growing up, but Jim Carrey says 1 thing in an Interview and was highly misinterpreted – and people lost their minds.

  8. So many flashbacks of Harry Potter…HP makes up a huge part of all our childhood..golden days..
    I saw the Goblet of Fire in the theatres in 3rd grade.

  9. Daniel definitely blushed as he apologized for Miriam. He is so cute 😂❤️
    He reminds me of Mark Ruffalo. Both down to earth human beings who can’t help being cute.

  10. I adore this woman. Bat shit crazy/ harmless/ opinionated/ no way shy! She'll go down in graham norton chat show history if obviously oneof the best British actresses and internationally known through one film or another. But what a character she is!

  11. Ha! I didn’t know she was jewish! She looks SO MUCH like my mothers side of the family – they’re Italian but we’re all routinely taken for Jewish. I’d actually first recognize her as the nurse from Romeo and Juliet ☺️

  12. I work at this restaurant in Brighton, Melbourne and I remembered the day I saw professor sprout (sorry I only know her from the Harry Potter films) I couldn't believe it was her!! I'm pretty sure she ordered the grilled flounder and for appetizers warm olives 😊 I was so amazed by her that I didn’t even asked for a picture, but she was lovely nontheless
    PS: I didn't know she was this hilarious 😂

  13. Daniel apologizing it's amazing 😂😂😂😂 it's like me apologizing when my grandma says something racist or rude 🤣🤣🤣


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