Guilty Wives – James Patterson & David Ellis


James Patterson & David Ellis

Guilty Wives

Little, Brown and Co.


Abbie Elliot and her friends have decided to take a much needed vacation to Monte Carlo.  No husbands, no kids, just a time for the four friends to get away and let their hair down.  Abbie, Winnie, Bryah and Serena are wives who are in marriages where the spark has seemed to fizzle.  As the girls leave all their issues back home they find themselves in a peculiar situation one morning after a wild night with some men they met in a bar.  The girls are all arrested on a yacht as two of the men they spent the night with wind up dead in their car.  The problem is these aren’t regular ordinary men, thus the crime becomes a high profile nationwide fiasco.  Ultimately the women are thrown into a French prison and Abbie Elliot insists that she and her friends have been set up and are in fact innocent.  Facing the pressure from the police, warden and government to admit to the crimes Abbie will stop at nothing to prove her innocence.


Guilty Wives is a suspenseful thriller that grabbed my interests from the moment I opened and kept its thrilling conclusion.  I have read many of Patterson’s collaborations over the years and I think this is possibly one of his best books to date.  Written in classic Patterson style Guilty Wives does not disappoint.  Mr. Patterson and Mr. Ellis excellent work for a job well done!



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