Exam Skills: 4 tips for listening exams


As with other exams, preparation is important. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a listening exam is to listen to as much spoken English as possible, …



  1. I just enjoy BBC Radio and it really helps me. I imporve my listening as well as my vocabulary of spoken english. Also, I love reading books, but now I'm simply listening audiobooks, of course it's kinda tough but really effective.

  2. I don't have trouble understanding spoken English, but in exams I find it hard to keep concentrating for an hour or so.
    My attention drifts to other things and I end up missing details.

  3. Hi bbc, i am in a little confused that the word often. In a pronounciation tip, the "t" is silence but in this video, it doesnt. So the "t" can be silence or not. Or base on the situation.
    P/s my english is bad (^_^)

  4. i often listen to program bbc news review to improve my listen english skill and extend my vocabularis. But the program does have sub so that i can know exaclly what the program saids.

  5. Watch horror movies/series or Creepypasta videos. You have to listen carefully (depends on the voice actor/reader).

  6. Great tips for the listening I tested during my IELTS preparation. Thank you BBC Learning English.

  7. Shout-out to people learning English as a second language. I've known it my whole life and still mess up here and there.

  8. only those really motivated(not those in urgent need for use or pushed to learn Language) can learn English well. That's SAD and Stupid

  9. My tips:
    – Listen to your favorite songs while reading the lyrics.
    – Listen to podcasts (about English or any topic you find interesting)
    – Watch movies or TV series with English subtitles first, and then without them.


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