Deni Bonet – It’s All Good


Deni Bonet

It’s All Good

M.R2 Records


In the late nineties and early new millennium I reviewed a lot of material from a fantastic NYC singer/songwriter scene and every once in awhile something crosses my desk that reminds me of that great time in musical history. Deni Bonet’s It’s All Good is one such album.

Known for her acclaimed violin work artists like Cyndi Lauper, Robyn Hitchcock, REM, and Sarah McLachlan, among others. She collaborates on the album with REM’s Peter Buck, The B- 52’s Fred Schneider, Broadway star Mary Testa, and John Wesley Harding. It almost makes your head spin to hear these jangly folk, party rock, violin interspersed, pop tunes.

While it’s not all top of the heap here, there are a number of highlights. “Girl Party” (featuring Fred Schneider’s unmistakable “Yeah! Let’s Party!” in the background) is a definite highlight. It reminds me of the best parts of the Bangles and Go-Go’s. “Pineapple Rag” features the violin prominently (as does “Girl Lover”) and is a toe-tapping ragtime funtime. While I love the tongue-in-cheek overall feel the album has, this song in particular boasts the incredible musicianship Bonet possesses that doesn’t always shine through on every song. “One in a Million” is a mid-tempo rocker that reminds me of the powerful early works of Cyndi Lauper melodically but are so much more than that musically.

Bonet’s third album is a huge upper in a world of downers. It’s upbeat and fun and a more than a little odd. Just the way we indie fans like it. Even if you don’t like everything about it (and Bonet’s voice does take some getting used to, to be honest) there is no doubt in my mind that it will make you feel good at every turn if you let it.

Reviewed by Mark Fisher



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