Cryptomininggame Get Paid To Play.


Cryptomininggame Get Paid To Play.
Hi all, so a quick update on my CryptoMiningGame account some hints & tips and also find out how I will pay you to play, thanks for watching.
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  1. Thank you much for this competition I have reached level 15 and received 50,000 sats thank you again for all your help.

  2. I'd like to join your downline, but Ive spent way too many hours building my level up to 17 with a hashpower of 1400 to start over. 😉 Great video though.

  3. RJ: done! started the game when you first posted a video about CMG. Not yet premium though. if I could purchase Energy, it would make getting to 1000 Hashpower so much easier haha. Looking forward to the next video!

  4. And you can wait for server refresh at 00:00 then the world is full of stuff thats the time to send a hell lot of drons you get some good things

  5. You can send multiple drones at once and you can send more if you upgrad your cards cuz cards can give you buffs that helps like mine time pluse and the ability to have a better chance at claiming higher lvl coins


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