COVID-19: Malaysia lockdown will affect those who commute to Singapore for work


It is estimated more than 300000 travellers use the land checkpoints between Singapore and Malaysia daily. The impending lockdown that begins from March …



  1. Must be pretty rough for those Malaysian workers who stay here – going to and from work used to be a simple daily commute across the border, and now they've got to be separated from them for at least two weeks, if not longer.

  2. UN and WHO must declare for the LOCKDOWN OF ENTIRE UNIVERSE for 2 weeks simultaneously,except the USA + ISRaEL,,RUSSIA + UKRAINE,CHINA + NORTH KOREA,INDIA + PAKISTAN…

  3. Remember how they mock and laugh at us when singapore is the most infected countries in the beginning ? Asking singaporean not to come and spread virus ?? . …lmaooo …

  4. O:41. The guy with the black shirt. Should you be runnin' when that happens… Maybe it's a little paranoid but you never know. Do a medical check up✌🏻

  5. First of all when the news spread about the virus our gov must stop the china from entering to our country. sorry to say because as what people can see china never learn their lesson. SARS from china what now.. Corona after this what else will they created…

  6. to arrogant singapore eventhough im singaporean. malaysia is big country that is why they can make food, make stuff and build some house. singapore is a small country which that is why we must worry about because we have no place to make food, make stuff and also no place to make new house for the malaysia to stay for temporary. now singapore action they dont feel worry because they say so far they have shortage of food or some stuff as they already have full stuff enougg for 1 year. no wonder they so confidence saying we sgapore has no issue with food stuff because they already have more food stuff keep in their storage. what happen if they never export food in singapore? from that part sg goverment start tobe worry

  7. My classmate was otw back to Singapore since Tuesday afternoon from Ipoh but now he's gonna be stuck in Malaysia for 2 weeks or even more. When he comes back he will also get 14 day SHN. We're having our N levels this year, every day in school is very crucial. RIP his studies now

  8. Lockdown in infected countries are essential so that the wuhan virus will mot continued to spread to one another. China is still having new cases.There may be unrecorded cases
    So that the chinese to return work eithout fear. Hope the situation in Malaysia will improved and they can return to work after the lockdown without fear of birus.

  9. This useless backdoor government is creating more hardship for needy Malaysians working in Singapore, now they may have to live without income for at least 2 weeks or worst got terminated by Singaporean employers due to unwaranted travel restriction newly imposed by back stabbing PM.

  10. It is Singapore which opened the doors to Wuhan tourists who brought in the virus and then brought to Malaysia.very 'intelligent' for so called modern country.

  11. We were ONCE together as ONE…

    " Malaysia Forever 10Million Strong " as the song goes IN 1963..

    Today??? Singapore is aiming for 10Million including our Malaysian Cousins & Strays…where has all the Flowers Gone??? replace by Cactus at both Ends of the Causway??? how sad

  12. Yes Malaysia…u r safe..
    U shld immediately lockdown after ur speech…but u give a day for your citizen to rush into Spore on the 17th. Total mass gathering at customs on that day, bigger than your tabligh event. "Bar ur citizen from leaving the country?"
    Well done.

  13. Theory: wuhan virus is a biological weapon made by scientist.
    Why? Because there is a team of scientist in 2003 after the Sars outbreak over, a team of scientist took some of the virus dna to create the covid 19 which is today , they made it after 17 years.

    I predict the virus will end at the end of 2020.

  14. From jb still can go to sg anot? Due to the cases of covid-19 in malaysia, as what i know that some places like china, jb, sg are totalnya lockdown, but still my question,can we actually go back to the place where we came from? To any person who actually know more than i do, please do leave some useful information and also hope that your comment can be useful for others, kindly thanks for your intentions , hope everyone doing fine 🙏

  15. Hello reporter from singapore…. malaysian is on restriction movement control not lock down…. why so many foreign country call it lock down… really no ideal

  16. Is for safety reasons, many people don't like it either, at least this is best way to prevent Covid19 spreading

  17. It was lock down in Spore babe!!! Msia is a Movement Controlling…. Stay there in Spore and lock it urself…. Don't come here in Malaysia!!!😤🙅‍♂️💆‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️Virus is aggressive and evil if uolls spread it here in Msia!!!! For God's sake!!! Masya'Allah… Nauzubillahu min zaliqqqq…

  18. Made mi spent 260rm to leave from port dickson back to singapore when they r saying singaporeans will be allowed to leave even after the lockdown.. if i knew i would nv leave port dickson

  19. For those who has no family members living in Malaysia, it's easy for you all to say what you want since it does not affect you. The kind of mentality that's making this world a messed. Like if you all have all the answers and are better than others. Have some empathy

  20. This restricted movement is necessary as the number of cases has risen dramatically in Malaysia, if we don’t take drastic measures now, things will blow out of proportion sooner than later. Yes it’s an inconvenience to our lives but it’s an adjustment/sacrifice we all have to go through so that we can overcome this pandemic as quickly as possible.

  21. those people who arguing it's restricted movement instead of lockdown… are you all in denial or are you ignorant of the problem? 98% of population can't go in or out.. If not, none of these people will be rushing back and forth like this. THIS IS A LOCKDOWN. PERIOD… jesus, times like this., people wanna argue which Nouns to use and feel superior….

  22. Blame it all to the Chineses in both of those countries who brought the viruses. Ban china in all Asian countries in whatever dealings they may have.

  23. Malaysian govt shows they don’t care about Chinese Malaysians. The message is: leave Malaysia, we don’t want you.


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