Covid-19 cases surge in Europe as countries step up efforts to contain the coronavirus


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The deadly coronavirus has spread to Europe with more than 5,550 confirmed cases in the continent as of March 5, 2020. This is how countries are fighting against the outbreak.

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  1. People need to be wearing gloves not just mask and stay a distance of three arms length or more from others. This is not just a airborne virus, all surfaces, distance and protection of skin and nose and mouth is a must. We will overcome this, but it will take intelligent precautions from everyone for the next few months. Hey, it’s better than an alien invasion, well I would think.

  2. Time to shave of the disgusting beards that are so common today. This way we would decrease the risk of spreading the virus.

    CORONA virus VICTIMS helpful steps PLEASE SHARE it to them YOU MIGHT save a life

  4. I live in Italy, in Lombardy which is the region with 2500 cases that contracted the virus. It’s already been 3 weeks since the last time I attended classes, always staying at home and they decided to lockdown my city. I hope everything ends up soon. I planned so many things, everything is canceled 😭

    Why are Dr's Surgeries refusing to give bedridden Criples, old and ill people – A 1 month advance supply of prescription medication! BEFORE LOCKDOWN!

  6. China ..spreading lies ….no one believes wht happened in Wuhan…boycott goods from China till ccp tells truth and opologies

  7. I guess George Soros is laughing at this corvid-19 virus wars all over the countries.. this is just one of his planes for the people in the world.

  8. The fact is, western authorities AND people's mindsets are too lax. They don't get how much change those in China, HK and Singapore had to go through just to get a handle of COVID

  9. China have introduced the most viruses of them all going back thousands of years during silk road trade kicked off.

  10. monarch wangke: U.S Swine flu (H1N1 Flu) has infected 61 million people and killed more than 12,469 in the US.

    Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died from the 2009 pandemic.

    It seems that a lot of people forgot about that virus. Which is really weird.

  11. and france's president said that after doing nothing during 2 months. since he is puting his finger on the face because he is always smiling. this guy makes us pay for all the taunts he suffered in his adolescence and in his life.

  12. im from switzerland and we currently have over 200 confirmed cases. its scary for a small country like switzerland to have high numbers and it keeps spreading fast (nearly 100 were confirmed in just 1 day) and being close to europe’s epicenter (northern italy) doesn‘t really help (borders to italy are still open)

  13. There is no hope, we are all gonna die from this virus
    Because the virus mutate everytime we try new things to eliminate it

  14. W.H.O cover up this pandemic corona virus because they are not serious in this matter as of december 2019 they did not pay attention

  15. Aie aie aie im doomed. When one of the first case outside asia was France i was already like hmmm just unlucky and hope it doesnt spread so much … then i see we have many cases in the city next to mine … i was like again unlucky hope everyone is responsible so we protect each other. Then i hear from my fzther who is a doctor that the hospital he just stopped working for like 3 months ago is about to blow up because full of covid19 patient… and we are still not in stage 3 … macron is like not a step behind the virus but billions years. When half of the population will be infected then he will ask use to not go out. Let’s prayfor everyone that we will be stronger !

  16. I live in Holland and we allready Have 128 cases in 7 days, an 1 person died Today! And most of the Dutch people still think its a ordinary flu, and they still go on ski-trips to nothern-italy! And the Government isnt doing anything to prevente the spread!

  17. What 1% of people will die? Where did u get that info from? Po*nhub?.

    The current data shows 3.6% death rate (mortality) and 11.6% critical( chances of dying are over 90%) and hardly 60% will survive and from that 39% have been reinfected. Google and research it urself before believing me


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