Cheapest city in Europe?! / Cost of living in Valencia (Spain)


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  1. Carrefour is great if you like to waste a lot of time walking in their huge stores buying groceries at very high prices. Mercadona or Lidl have better quality food (especially veggies and fruits in Mercadona, which is a spanish supermarket chain with fresh spanish products), they way cheaper and easier to navigate.
    Also, with Gymforless you pay more than double the normal Gym membership (which usually give you access to several gyms in the city under the same brand). People don't need 700 gyms around their city, they will choose one gym which is the closest to them or to their work and go there all the time.

  2. We stayed 1 month in the Cabanyal, 3 blocks from the beach… mostly shopped and cooked for ourselves… spent about 2k total with nice apartment.

  3. Since I first visited it thirty years ago, I am still attached to this beautiful city, which is unmatched by European cities.

  4. I want to study celta in spain next august please concerning the living cost which one is cheaper valencia or madrid ?

  5. Great video! Valencia looks beautiful. Foreigners who come to places like Valencia should not try to make Valencia be like the third world hell that they escape from.

  6. Subtract beer and wine and add more food that is affordable and shop at markets or cheaper places. Narrow it down to 100$ a month for one single person and get more food for the little you spend. Carefour is expensive in taiwan as well. Shop locally only. 100$ a month is plenty for a single person that is not bulking up.

  7. In Spain you're better off buying fresh food from markets; it's cheaper and better quality than supermarkets. I doubt Valencia is the cheapest city in Europe, have you heard of Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova etc?

  8. Would be better to put in € so that people can then convert to there own currency. As i am from uk and Sterling. More people go to Spain from the uk than any other country.

  9. i have lived in spain for one month. back packing and not living much in hotels. do not judge me. i enjoy it. so let go to prices. i spend overall with fly tickets 1300 euros. 300 is for tickets. 1000 is rest and mainly i spend money on attractions like swimming with sharks in barcelona aquarium 150 euros or go on jetski at valencia, visited tibidabo, sagrada familia, amusement park, souvenirs and so on. this together with 4 nights in hostels and traveling cost around country, where ticket from benidorm to barcelona cost you almost 50 euros, took out of my pocket approximately 650-700 euros and rest go food and drinks and water, morning coffee and so on. so i spend in general 300 euros per month on food in spain barcelona, valencia, benidorm. if you rent for your self cheap room/apartment 300 euros and travel cost will be, with bits like cinema here and there and so on 150 euros, you can live in spain for 750-800 euros. my suggestion is to avoid touristic zones and attractions all together. i bought one pair of googles and one snorkel and snorkeling completely for free in the same see and locations like others but do not paid for instructor or other things. if you use head and smart phones are easy sources of info nowadays you can go very cheap. and do shop like locals. avoid restaurants. i went to the restaurant in center of valencia, or at beach of barcelona but you buing overpriced food. even on restaurant. little bit away from beach you can get same food in restaurant for half of the price. best is shopping no doubts. and food quality in shops is so high that you can buy even packed food like gaspacho and you will be still satisfied with it.

  10. Thank you for making this great video! You chose really interesting subject. I also made videos about this city – you can watch on my channel 😀

  11. I lived in Seville for 9 months in a 1 bed apartment is for 3000€ a month all in and food was 90 € a week , I could rent a flat in Chelsea for 2200£ !!! Nerja was 250€ a month in the winter by the sea and 100€ a month for food .

  12. Apart from rent everything in London is either cheaper or equal. Apart from London and surrounding areas, rents in UK are also quite cheap (and wages are considerably higher) so I believe the title of the video is misleading. Please note that I am NOT comparing the weather/climate.


  14. Don't forget that wages are about €1000 / €1400 a month. If you can get a job that is. It looks great as a tourist, living is something else.

  15. How about real-estate and taxes the utilities is it possible to get the Spanish nationality and it’s benefits how about the American health insurance does it work in there

  16. You can rent a 120 square meters in Valencia for less than 600€ a month, for comparison the same in Paris will set you up 3000€ ……

  17. Thank you so much for the helpful video. I'm living in UK, but my dream is to move to Valencia in 1-2 years. I'm a psychologist, but to enhances my chance to find a job in Valencia, I'm studying now to teach English for people that speak English as a second language. Because everybody tells me it is really hard to find a job in Spain. That worries me a bit. Your video makes me a bit more optimistic. Thanks!!

  18. Very well done and very useful information Andrea.
    Thank you for your great work and we hope to see much more of you on this enjoyable channel.
    Cheers, from some appreciative Mr & Mrs "George" 😃

  19. We travel now for over nine years around the world – Always staying for 91 Days …. We just got back home from Ghana which was the 20th we visited this way and we can say that VALENCIA is our favorite city in the entire world and I'm happy we made it our home many many years ago when we're not on the road.

    Also, how did you get a drone permission to fly in these areas since its in the Airport No Fly Zone. I know there is a possibility to get permission by contacting the tower before your drone flight. Did you do that? Was it easy? I always wanted to fly my drone over the city of arts and sciences.


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