Cannot install iTunes


How to fix iTunesAdmin.dll failed to register EASY FIX!

Here is a solution for iTunesAdmin.dll failed to register during setup.

1. Install itunes setup, once you see the dll error just ignore and continue with the installation.

2. Make sure you have winrar or winzip to do the next step, right click on the itunes setup and extract to a folder.

3. You will see some setup files, install them one by one starting at the top.

4. Once reaching itunes6464 just select repair and continue on until the installation is complete!

Your done, cheers!

UPDATE: There are instances that this easy trick does not work for some computers, especially when you encounter an error during the installation of appleapplication support.

Solution 1:

During the installation of ItunesSetup, it will pop up a an error about the iTunesAdmin.dll error, click ignore; Once complete, uncheck lunch application and restart your PC

Once done, restart the video and try again. If issue persist, move on to solution 2.

Solution 2:

To rectify this issue, please download the file .dll seen below.

1. exptract the folder and look for iTunesAdmin.dll file and copy it

2. go to Local Disk C: —- Program Files — iTunes — and paste the file there —- copy and replace the old one

3. Disable Antivirus

4. click start – type gpedit.msc

5. on you left, under local computer policy — look for windows settings and click on the arrow on the left

6. look for security settings and click on the arrow on the left

7. look for windows firewall and advanced security then click on the arrow on the left

8. Select windows firewall and advanced security – local group policy object

9. on the right screen, you will see Overview, under it are firewall settings for DOMAIN, PRIVATE, AND PUBLIC PROFILE. Select windows firewall properties and it will open a dialog box.

10. go to each tab of Domain, Private, and Public; Under Firewall Status choose all OFF then click apply and ok.

11. Restart you PC

Once done, go ahead and repeat the video and you should be able to install it.

Don’t forget to activate your antivirus and firewall once done


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