Bubble Animation effect – PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial


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In this video you will learn a very beautiful animation effect to make your presentations look more professional and appealing to your audiences. The name of this animation effect is bubble animation effect and this effect will definitely enhance the quality of your slideshow.

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Why the latest version? PowerPoint 2016 for Windows has all the functionality and features you’re used to, with some added enhancements and the best new features from Office 2016. Some of these new features include Enhanced collaboration, Document activity, Real Time Presence, Ink Annotation, Morph Transition, PowerPoint Designer, Do things quickly with Tell Me, new chart types, Insights into what you’re working on, Ink Equations, Screen recording, Simpler sharing, Better conflict resolution, Improved version history, Colorful, Dark Gray, and White Office Themes, Better video resolution, Morph Transition, Improved Smart Guides, Quick Shape Formatting, etc.



  1. Jed

    Halt! I am the one… i am the BOP… I did Multiple Fly in, Multiple animations, and more! Even Just Dance too! Let's See who is the real BOP!😃😬

  2. Muito bom seu trabalho, parabéns!
    posição e cores RGB
    1ª cor Azul: 186 – 241 – 248 / posição: 0% 0%0%
    2ª cor Rosa: 255 – 183- 219/ posição: 19% 0% 0%
    3ª cor Azul: 184- 213- 255/ posição: 39% 0% 0%
    4ª cor: Rosa: 255 – 183- 219/ posição: 60% 0% 0%
    5ª cor Azul: 139- 186 – 255/ posição: 80% 0% 0%
    6ª cor: Azul: 179- 198- 231/ posição: 100% 0% 0%
    Por ai da pra se guiar o resto está mais fácil.

  3. Such a lovely video. I would have approached this in such a different way and it would have taken a very, very long time. My results would probably not have been as beautiful. Thank you for taking time to teach us how to do it so easily.


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