Best and Worst of $1 Makeup from Shop Miss A | AOA Studio Makeup Haul and Full Reviews! New Releases and Bestsellers instagram @juliacmazzucato …



  1. Do you know if the colourpop single bronzer, blush & highlighter will fit in shop miss a small magnetic palletes? Or just their large ones?

  2. Weird that the elf eye primer works better for me than the urban decay one but some people have the opposite experience lol

  3. Just found you yesterday and haven't stopped watching your videos. You are stunning, and you are AMAZING at explaining everything very thoroughly. I already have a strong feeling you will be my next favorite makeup guru…. right up there with Kathleen Lights! Thanks for the great videos!!

  4. OMG they don't make the halo highlighters anymore either. You are going to have to do a new video when you try out their current products.

  5. the losses setting powder in soft light is really good if u don’t want to have flashback because the matte translucent is VERY white

  6. Do you have any foundation brushes from shopmissa? If so which ones and are they in any videos and do you like?? I'm about to order some stuff and wanted to know before ordering….

  7. hi! do u recommend to buy it if i have a decent amount of makeup? i wanted to try this brand but actually have a decent amount of makeup alr 😂 are the products good just for the price point or it does rlly work better than other products?:) thankyou for the video!!

  8. I love the way u explain things & I love that u don’t repeat yourself over and overrrr! Lol ur so pretty ! 💛 very helpful 👍🏻

  9. Okay actually why don’t you have more subscribers? Your so helpful and give so much information/detail about the products!! Plus your amazing at doing your makeup and very informed. You just earned a sub and a recommendation to people I know. 😊💟PLUS YOUR GORGEOUS AS HELLLL GIRL!!!!!!

  10. FYI anyone with darker skin.. dont bother buying the bb cream or the pressed powders. The lumi blushes show up like a highlight so mix with a matte blush. The wonder cover concealer colors look ashy in the tube but are normal colored and do need to be blended out quickly. I would not recommend for use under the eyes but more for spot concealing under your foundation and maybe contouring. Oh and if anyone bought the mini liquid highlights they are more intense when blended out and built up. The diamond lip glosses smell bad after a while so I don't really use the 10 I bought but as a lip topper it shouldn't kill you. And as for the primers I think they work amazing for very normal skin and that's it. I use them and they provide just enough hydration and wear.

  11. I loved your review, it was super informative yet entertaining! I want to make my first purchase and searched for something like this. Thank you very much~!

  12. The way you reviewed them was probably the best I've ever seen.
    You explain everything perfectly.
    Do more of these for shop miss a please hun.

  13. My local mall has a physical store I stumbled upon Sunday and am loving your video reviewing their products. I bought so many lashes and look forward to going back to get some makeup

  14. I get all of my make up from shop miss a and some products r great some bad I pay attention to reviews and every once in a while I'll take a chance with something not the best reviews anyway they have amazing products and like other places bad products still it's great I LOVE IT

  15. A lot of the blushes & bronzers are sold out 😩😢 and I had the same problem w a liquid lipstick 😭 i was so sad .

  16. Thank you so much for this!! I really enjoyed your review and I found it extremely thorough and helpful!! ❤️

  17. You should do a Jacy's Haul! ( They're very similar to shopmissa, where everything is $1-$5 but brand names 🙂

  18. I was so disappointed t with the translucent powder with the glitter but it looks so pretty if you put it on your shoulders, collarbone etc…

  19. Please review the new eyeshadow pallettes😍 also wich out of all the highlighters pressed pan are the most blinding. The first release baked,marbles or aoa pressed pan singles🤔


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