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Learn Basic Bone Rigging in Anime Studio Pro. In this video you’ll find the basics of bone rigging in Anime Studio. Tools used in the video are select bone, add …



  1. anyone know what the song at the beginning is? i heard it in Plucky's 3D Adventure for Xbox 360, couldn't find it anywhere and gave up, now just happened to hear it in this video

  2. Love your guy…nicely done, good explanation and tutorial.  Just got 9.5 Anime Studio Pro and struggling, and I mean struggling.  Are you familiar with any reference books published for use with this program?  Tutorials are great from the internet however so many issues come up, e.g. grayed out vector layer and not understanding why.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the advice………First few times I tried binding points I was pressing enter instead of space bar …….lol   then I had to go hit "release points and layer" under the bone tab……..anywyas heres what I came up with my first cartoon video….  the undecorating mama    just in time for NEXT holidays…

  4. i need help i been trying to rig my characters for quite some time now and it wont seem to work for example when i move an arm a part of the leg move along and i dont seem to understand why i mean i done everything corretly i added the bones , make sure they were corretly connected , lower the strenght and binding them to the points and the layers and it still doesnt work corretly , please i need your help.

  5. Thank you for making this step by step tutorial.  Until I watched you easy to follow method I was not successful in creating my own moving character.  I am so excited and can not wait to learn more under your excellent instruction.  Thank you

  6. Ahh, thank you sir. I've been animating with the basic bone structure and it looked so choppy and robotic. This bone method gives the character more um… character. Thanks!


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