BÁNH DÀY – Vietnamese Rice Cake Recipe


Ingredients: 200g glutinous rice flour, 10g plain rice flour, 190ml milk (or water) ½ tsp salt, some pork roll and banana leaf. Directions: Combine the flour in a …



  1. In thuy nguyen hai phong, we eat this commonly for breakfast. I remember my family would buy a dozen of this cakes with cha lua fresh and hot from market at 5am. Plate them nicely and ready for us to eat. We didn't wait for festivals to eat this dish

  2. My childhood favorite Bánh Dày with the chewy texture of the glutinous rice flour and and a hint of salt 😋

  3. Happy New Year Helen, I love your channel and am subscribed in the new year could you do a bi chay video perhaps specifically for bi cuon chay? I can only find these rolls is vegan/Buddhist Vietnamese restaurants near me and I can't find an English video of the recipe. I would love to know your take so I can make it myself they are delicious

  4. I like that you sometimes say banh day in the northern accent, and sometimes with the central/southern accent. Haha


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