Audacity for Teachers | Complete Tutorial Guide to Audacity for Teachers | Audacity in Education


Audacity is a great software for audio editing and it has a lot of features. Although, teachers need to know only limited features and in this video, I will cover all the features of audacity that can be used for educational purposes.
This is what you will learn in this video
1. Install Audacity – 0:00
2. Record your voice in audacity 1:30
3. Improve quality for audio for education purpose
4. Export audio from audacity in wav and mp3 format
5. Install FFmpeg for audacity to import videos without extracting audio
6. Import video in audacity

Download Audacity:
download lame and FFmpeg for audacity:

Introduces Audacity’s interface, then shows simple techniques to record and edit a clip. Includes setting preferences, noise removal, normalization, equalization, compression, trimming, and more.


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  1. Thanks sir earlier I have watch your videos but not to subscribe your channel. Then I have feel I have to be subscribe your channel not only having good knowledge but also appreciate every youtubers . I feel good I'm your #10k subscriber.

  2. Sir kindly suggest a unique software for screen recording that can export directly MP4 output and good audio quality without background noise. And that recorder must provide mouse cursor highliter as well. Please sir

  3. Most Helpful video Sir… I just started my educational channel and was facing difficulty while recording, but after seeing your videos which are made for teachers, I learned a lot about how to record and improve my video😊 once again thanku

  4. ok sir ,good topic coverage , in synchoronization video please add topic like how we synchoronize perfetly when we record audio and video from 2 differnt device? thanks for todays video sir


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