Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag MP Freezing on launch


AC4 Multiplayer freezing on MP launch. Happens on my PS4 almost everytime I try to play MP. Ubisoft has been no help in fixing this, and Sony says this is a Ubisoft issue. Here’s some of what I’ve tried: buying a new disc, resetting router, opening ports, deleting AC4 and all data off my PS4, rebuilding PS4 database, resorting/renewing licenses, unlinking and switching Uplay accounts, got a new router. I have even asked Ubisoft to reset my RapturousRoni account, thinking maybe my high prestige level has something to do with this. None of my other accounts freeze on AC4 MP launch. My download speed is 130 Mbps, upload is 10 Mbps. I have wicked fast internet. I’d love to hear other’s feedback, tips, advice. :o)


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  1. So this freezing on launch has happened for at least 3 years now and I haven’t been able to play ac4 multiplayer. Ubisoft had me do all kinds of tricks (forward ports etc etc) to try to get MP to launch but NOTHING helped! They even asked me to delete my PS4 friends so that I had less than 100, because apparently that would fix multiplayer, and when that didn’t fix the issue, they said I needed to delete 50 more ps4 friends!
    I myself figured out what fixes this freezing on launch: I have to UNLINK my rapturousroni uplay account from my PS4 each and every time I want to play, and then relink uplay AFTER I launch multiplayer. What a pain in the butt.
    On top of this issue I have a lot of lag despite having 1gbps download internet and all the proper ports in place and good NAT.
    I really love AC mp and hope Ubisoft will fix these issues in a new AC multiplayer game. I’m not the only one with LAG.

  2. Woowww Roni, happy to see you have a channel. I subscribed and hope to watch your games. Nice


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