Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Lost In the New Real


Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Lost In the New Real

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To mainline commercial pop the name Arjen Anthony Lucassen may be a virtually unknown name but to those of us who have any affection for progressive rock know him as a musical genius.  Lucassen has had a career of over thirty years and boasts of 20 studio albums in this 30 year career.  He is probably most well known for his ongoing rock opera project called Ayreon and his side project Star One.  In 1994 Arjen released his first solo album and was considered a flop.  Nearly 20 years later Arjen Anthony Lucassen is attempting this solo thing once again with his latest concept album “Lost In The New Real” which has the musical mastermind singing all the vocals and playing most of the instruments.          


“Lost In The New Real” is multifaceted album.  The concept is complex, the musicianship is way above par and the production is pristine.  It consists of various genres of music which include progressive, industrial, metal, folk, pop, and straight forward rock.  Lucassen admits that this album was not recorded to please his fans this time round (however he does hope his fans will like it), instead he says, “this is an unashamedly ego-maniac album where I follow my heart, returning to the inspirational roots of the Beatles, Floyd and Zeppelin.”


Conceptually “Lost In The New Real” is about change and the possibility of what the world could look like in a few hundred years.  The story follows Mr. L. who was a 21st century man who was cryopreserved at the moment of his death from a terminal disease.  The album begins with Mr. L. being revived in the future after technology and medicine have advanced to cure his illness.  However the world he wakes up to is drastically different to the world he was in before he was frozen.  He is appointed a psychological advisor to help him to adapt to this new world.  Interwoven throughout the album are such topics as censorship, population control and religion.


Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s “Lost In The New Real” is a great CD and will appeal to anyone who enjoys progressive metal with a space age twist.  It will certainly please fans of Areyon and Star One as well.  With a scrupulous production, fun concept, out of this world musicianship and appealing artwork.  “Lost In The New Real” comes in a two edition with 5 “cover” songs with makeovers from the likes of Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, The Alan Parson’s Project and Pink Floyd.  Overall “Lost In The New Real” is a stellar release which should be enjoyed by all conceptual sci fi progressive rock fans.



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